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Why start digitizing your business with 4B Systems?

Advantage on the market thanks to the implementation of modern IT solutions

By implementing unique solutions in your company, you will ensure your competitive edge and prepare a strong foundation for future growth. Without technology, this will not be possible.

Support in software implementation

We will provide you and your organization with technical and substantive support in the implementation of our solutions. We organize training and post-implementation helpdesk to make your team realize the potential of new technologies as soon as possible.

What is digitization?

Digitization, or digitization, is the transformation of processes previously implemented analog to digitally implemented processes. Virtually every process in a company can undergo digital transformation. Today, most companies are focusing their efforts on digitizing the sales process. The e-commerce industry – the sale of all goods and services on the Internet is a prime example. Marketing, service or complaint handling, customer quoting, performance reporting, communication with potential customers using chat bots may also be subject to the digitization process. Read below for examples of digitization of industries in which the 4B Systems team is involved.

Digital transformation with 4B Systems

Digitization of sales

The most important department of any company is the sales department. It is responsible for the financial performance of the entire organization. Lack of standardization of sales processes, order processing or complaints, payment and delivery, significantly undermines the development of companies. Digitize these processes to ensure stable growth for your company.

Start digitizing today

Don’t wait to start your company’s digital transformation process. Without this, further development may not be possible. Call us to discuss your project.

Digitalization in sales and customer service

IT tools are able to effectively organize and manage the processes taking place inside the company. Increasingly, they are taking on the role of the “invisible worker,” with a focus on making time-consuming tasks more efficient. Instead of searching for a customer contact in the address book and taking notes on the call, you can choose CRM modules with the option to listen to the call and add comments. Instead of handling social media messaging, corporate email and Google forms, you can manage everything from one tool. However, digitization is not only about programs for internal use within the company. These are sometimes mundane issues, such as a visually appealing website, smoothly running sales modules or helpful mobile apps. By keeping these points in mind, you’ll be sure that customers won’t abandon their purchases because of responsiveness issues.

The role of IT solutions in the enterprise

We understand the changes in the market very well. Competitiveness requires constant encouragement of customer interaction, and the customer in turn has increasingly higher expectations and easier access to compare offers. You can’t afford to ignore the digitization and development of your company in terms of IT facilitation. We have prepared solutions that will not only allow you to be two steps ahead of the competition, but also increase customer satisfaction with the quality of service in your enterprise. There are numerous benefits to implementing these solutions, the most important of which are:

  • Streamline internal processes – the time to perform most tasks can be significantly reduced compared to classic manual handling;
  • More capacity – supporting employees with IT programs will relieve them of some of their duties, so they will be able to do more important work;
  • Minimize the risk of human error – programs are created so that their work is based on a predetermined and approved mechanism of operation;
  • Increase work efficiency – a combination of efficient execution of tasks and minimization of errors will significantly increase the efficiency of the team;
  • Profit maximization – any investment that results in increased productivity and efficiency contributes to return on investment and maximizes profit.
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