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Symfony Framework

The modern world relies on innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness in action. Why waste time doing things manually when there are frameworks at hand to make life easier? One of them is Symfony, a platform that is fully compatible with PHP technology.

What it is Symfony?

Symfony is a significant convenience for any PHP language developer. It is the oldest, and one of the most popular PHP frameworks, At this point it is worth answering the question of what a framework is. In short, it is a development platform that can be compared to the “skeleton” of an application. Its task is to simplify and speed up as much as possible the tasks related to the preparation of the project itself. The programmer, on the basis of the framework, extends and customizes the functionality of the site – “models” it to meet the needs of the client. Do not confuse the Symfony framework with “off-the-shelf” – here there are no shortcuts or chauffeur-driven cars, instead, there is a GPS guiding the best way to reach the goal.

Application Symfony

Due to its flexibility, the Symfony framework is one of the basic development tools. Its independence from the database relationality system makes it possible to successfully write and implement Symfony technology on solutions such as MySQL. The universality of the solution is also an important advantage – Symfony can be run on the vast majority of platforms. The technology uses the MVC design pattern, making it possible to create entire websites with ready-made mechanics and APIs. This framework is used by a number of well-known entities and projects – Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, Spotify, Statista, BlaBlaCar, Bolt or Trivago are just some examples. Our SaaS, SalesWizard CRM, is also based on Symfony.

Why choose solutions in Symfony?

Symfony is a framework that our developers use every day. Our assumption is that since something can be done faster, more accurately and better with a given tool, it should be used to work more efficiently. This approach will primarily benefit our client – we are able to complete projects cheaper and in less time. If in the future you want to develop your project, the framework from Symfony will allow us to implement changes even faster. These advantages apply to both small projects and elaborate sites with a variety of modules, from sales to social networking. The flexibility of Symfony technology means that the final version of your website or web application will have exactly the look and functionality you want!

What kind of projects can you do in Symfony at our Software House?

See examples of how to use the Symfony framework language.

Our solutions based on Symfony

Symfony is the basis of the SalesWizard CRM project.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. We will make it in Symfony.

Web application

Intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment services, a number of other solutions.

Online shop

Using Symfony, you can create an online store or online ordering system.

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