Digitalization of sales processes in RES industry

Digitalization of lead handling, quoting, contracting and order fulfillment process in the RES industry

SalesWizard CRM | Automation of RES bidding and sales.

Digitalization of the RES and installation industry

The installation industry specializing in the installation of photovoltaics, heat pumps, air conditioning, energy storage, heat storage, has been experiencing steady growth for several years. Despite the difficulties of financing installations, more and more individual and corporate customers are choosing to install independent energy sources. The growth of the industry and high competitiveness requires the automation of sales and customer service processes. See how 4B Systems is supporting the RES industry in digitizing sales and service processes.

RES-CENTRUM - renewable energy sources

Read the case study of our client RES-CENTRUM.

Problem: Managing the quoting and customer service process

Here are some problems specific to the industry.

Solution: CRM implementation with modifications

RES-CENTRUM decided to implement SalesWizard CRM software with unique modifications to adapt the system to the expectations of the RES industry. Thanks to the implementation of the software, the following company processes have been standardized: the database of requests from various marketing sources (Facebook, Google, landing pages and the company’s home page) has been centralized, the funnels for handling requests, sales opportunities, quoting, contracting, order handling and assembly handling have been organized. A number of minor modifications have been made, such as the introduction of VAT differentiation for corporate and consumer customers, generation of quotations in PDF format, mass change of product prices (installations), and improved filtering of products by specific criteria.


With the implementation of SalesWizard CRM, RES-CENTRUM has gained the following benefits.


A good CRM system requires continuous development.

"We decided to implement SalesWizard CRM in our company. We have sorted out the basic processes of handling contacts, customers and quoting. We continue to work to provide the perfect solution for our company."

Sebastian Berlowski
President of the Board of RES-CENTRUM

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Digitization and automation of the installation and RES industry

High competition in the RES and installation market forces digital optimization of tasks and activities performed by company employees. Only by introducing automated processes will companies in the industry be able to compete. Today, most companies use similar mechanisms for selling and handling leads/inquiries. Inquiries are routed to salespeople in the field, who in turn arrange sales meetings with the potential customer. Poor meeting reporting, lack of bidding automation (paper-based bidding), does not allow scaling the business and examining the results of individual employees. Introducing automation and centralizing the sales process of RES installations in one CRM system will give your company full knowledge and control. This is the only way to check whether the budget spent on marketing campaigns and contacts acquired was spent effectively.

Questions and answers

RES industry in Poland

The RES industry has hit the Polish energy market in 2020. Due to rising energy prices, Poles have begun to make energy upgrades to their homes in an effort to reduce energy costs. Photovoltaic installations, thermal retrofitting of buildings, installation of heat pumps to replace coal- and wood-fired fossil fuels, as well as heat and energy storage, are increasingly being purchased. Companies in the industry have begun an intensive process of digitizing organizational and sales processes to keep up with growing demand.

IT needs in the installation industry

Our clients primarily report the need to implement a CRM system that performs the processes of handling leads (contacts, requests), communicating with potential customers, making appointments, quoting and concluding contracts (or generating completed contract templates), settling customer payments and billing the business network. We can implement all these processes in the software prepared by our team – SolarCRM and SalesWizard CRM.

What CRM software can we offer the RES industry?

We have 2 solutions ready for the RES industry – SolarCRM and SalesWizard CRM. The first system is a CRM system with a quotation option based on a photovoltaic calculator. The final price in the bid is the result of calculations performed in the programmed calculator. The calculator’s algorithm can be customized according to the client’s expectations. In SalesWizard CRM, an offer is the result of a basket of products or services added to an order. In this option we are not dealing with a calculator but with specific products – components of a photovoltaic installation or whole sets. The choice of solution depends on the customer. Each system has its own strengths. To learn more about both solutions, you can schedule a free presentation.

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