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Digitization of HR and recruitment

Virtually every company that focuses on growth and market expansion is recruiting for more positions. Vacancies that last too long can reduce a company’s productivity and delay orders, so it is important to act effectively in the recruitment area. This is handled by headhunters and internal HR departments, whose job is to deliver the best possible candidate for the job as efficiently as possible. However, that’s not all – departments related to recruitment are also responsible for onboarding, i.e. implementing the employee and setting the right rhythm of work. In theory, the task seems easy, but without a well-thought-out action plan and the right tools, the process will be counted not in days, but in months. Add to this the fact that there is huge competition on popular ad platforms and it is very difficult to stand out among thousands of similar ads. Our company is able to prepare programs that respond to the needs reported by the recruitment and HR market

Problem: Managing the recruitment process

The company is constantly increasing employment in a variety of areas. Recruitment is needed to hire more than a dozen new employees for various positions. However, the company has a limited budget and does not want to incur the costs of displaying and promoting ads on external portals. The creation of a “logistics center” from which ads can be managed and applications sent can be responded to would be welcome.

Solution: Web-based recruitment interface

We have created a mini-recruitment portal “Careers”, dedicated to job opportunities in the company. We have included a tool that will be a kind of link between recruiters and job candidates. From here, candidates will be able to learn about the company’s vacancies, offerings and expectations for future employees. If you are interested in the proposal, it will be possible to upload a resume and cover letter, as well as complete and submit an information questionnaire. Here the HR department will be able to review the resume and competencies included in the document and, if interested, contact the candidate. Job ads can be easily displayed, edited and archived. At the same time, ads published on the Careers site are exported to popular job portals, and a robot does some of the work. Automation reduces the time required to schedule an online or in-person meeting depending on the responses received from the candidate.


The implementation of the recruitment application has resulted in the following benefits:

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Digitization of HR

Handling requests related to the recruitment and onboarding process is one of the challenges to which we have prepared an answer. With our solutions, you can fully focus on selecting the best candidate – the other tasks will be carried out by the applications we provide and partly automated. We also support you in the follow-up – we offer software that will help you effectively carry out the onboarding process and help you retain the employee in the organization. We will make it much easier for you to get a matched employee and reduce the undesirable aspects of the staff turnover process.

We work with many companies and HR departments. This allows us to accurately identify market needs and expectations in recruiting. In addition to a wide range of ready-made solutions, we also offer programming of a dedicated application or creation of a mechanism that we will successfully implement both internally and in external communications. If you have questions about our services or want to analyze your project, please contact us.

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