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Python Characteristics:

Python technology

Among the most popular programming languages, Python takes one of the top spots. This concept is familiar to virtually every person, even those who are not involved in the IT sector on a daily basis. Its broad applicability and readability and clarity make Python a popular technology choice.

What it is Python?

For most people, the word “python” is associated with a snake, but IT professionals generally associate it with one of the most popular programming languages. Interestingly, the name of this technology does not come from the crawling reptile at all, but from the comedy show “Monthy Python’s Flying Circus.” However, Python is neither a comedy of the absurd nor, even less, a venomous creature. It’s a high-level programming language, which means the syntax and command language are almost identical to the one everyone uses on a daily basis. This is very important information – it makes the syntax understandable, clear and concise, which increases the language’s accessibility threshold. This means increased productivity for the development team.

Application Python

Thanks to the huge number of frameworks and available libraries, virtually any program can be written in Python. It is worth noting that this support, combined with the fact that it is a high-level language, allows tasks to be performed more efficiently than with other languages. In short: many tasks can be done easier and faster just using Python. However, the practice of using it as a desktop language is being abandoned for usability reasons. Instead, it is used as a scripting language for applications that were written in other languages, such as. Blender or InkScape, which were programmed in C and C++. The sheer potential of the language is so great that almost all machine learning (machine learning known for example from ChatGPT) and data science is based on Python.

Why choose solutions in Python?

Based on the above characteristics, there are four key strengths of Python for which it is worth choosing. First – intuitiveness resulting from the fact that it is a language that resembles the standard language we use every day. Second – versatility, thanks to which we will write practically everything in Python – from applications to programs to further facilities in the form of frameworks. Third – a huge resource of off-the-shelf facilitators, such as Django, which is a solution for creating efficient websites. And fourth – efficiency, which allows to perform tasks much faster, so that our customers wait much shorter for ready solutions.

What kind of projects can you do in Python?

See examples of the use of the Python programming language.

Portal or website

Python can be used to code the back-end of websites, portals, web applications.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. We will execute it in Python.

Web application

Intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment services, a number of other solutions.

Online shop

Using Phyton, you can create an online store or online ordering system.

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