What it is CSS?

CSS characteristics:

CSS technology

The buzzword “CSS” has already appeared on the occasion of JavaScript and HTML technologies, which together constitute the basic “building block” of the Internet. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and as a language it has a very precise application. When writing web applications or creating websites, you can’t do without using this technology.

What it is CSS?

Have you wondered why this text displays in such a color and not another, is written in this particular font, and the background does not overlap some of the sentences? Behind these aspects are Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for short. Together with JavaScript and HTML, cascading style sheets are the absolute foundation of web programming. Without these languages, not only would the sites be much poorer and limited, but they would often not display properly. This is because it is difficult to imagine a situation in which the font blends with the background and images are displayed above the text. To prevent such situations from happening, cascading style sheets were implemented in 1996 as a successor to the DSSSL language.

Application CSS

CSS is a narrowly specialized language. We will not create with it an immersive mobile game, a library for storing data or a program that acts as a CRM. On the other hand, we will do with its help all that is related to the visual aspects of the website. Importantly – CSS is supported on virtually every web browser: from Opera or Firefox to Google Chrome to niche copies such as DuckDuckGo. This is important information because developers can use CSS and be sure that the website they design will look exactly the same, regardless of the browser or type of preview version (dextop, mobile). Currently, CSS is a standard without which it is difficult to imagine modern programming, so the choice is obvious.

Why choose solutions in CSS?

Choosing CSS is not just a necessity – this solution offers many conveniences and new capabilities that neither HTML nor other solutions have. For example, in CSS it is possible to cross out text, change the appearance of text you hovered over, or choose the “size” of bold. In addition, CSS is convenience – with a single sheet you can manage the entire suite of documents, which is especially important in online stores with hundreds or even thousands of product tabs. By separating the content of the page from its graphical form, it is possible to manage individual parameters much faster in a shorter, clearer document.

What kind of projects can you do in CSS?

See examples of the use of the CSS technology language.

Our CSS-based solutions

CSS we use, among other things. In projects such as SalesWizard CRM and LegallyCRM.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. The front-end of the system we will make will be based on, among other things. o CSS.

Web application

Intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment sites, a number of other solutions use CSS sheets.

Online shop

When building your online store, you can use any back-end (in CodeIgniter, Laravel or Symfony) and base the front-end, among others. o CSS.

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