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Digitalization of the training industry

Regular training in the company is crucial for the development of the company, as well as the employees themselves. This is not only an opportunity to learn new issues, but also to systematize the knowledge gained so far and eliminate any mistakes. Before the COVID pandemic, many companies relied primarily on on-site training, but restrictions limiting group meetings forced the use of remote tools. As it turned out, IT solutions in the training industry worked out perfectly, and the lack of need for onsite events proved convenient and reduced logistical costs. This, of course, is just one of many examples that demonstrate the importance of digitization in training activities. It is important not only that the trainer has contact with the trainees, but also that the transmitted content can be returned to if there is a need to repeat the material.

Problem: How to train employees remotely?

Solution: Online training application

4B Systems is preparing an application that can be installed on company phones and corporate laptops. Inside, employees will find training modules that will be prepared in advance and uploaded by the person responsible for conducting the training. The differentiation of this application will allow both to implement the training material and to conduct an examination to test the knowledge of employees. The content included can be repeated at any time, which will help with the induction process for new employees. The application will be characterized by intuitiveness, transparency and a high level of security. In addition, it will be possible to monitor progress and provide a reminder when a participant fails a test.


By implementing a mobile application for employee training, the company will gain a number of benefits, the most important of which are:

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Digitization of the training industry

Digitalization in the training industry creates opportunities related to streamlining communication processes and standardizing the knowledge provided to trainees. By implementing software that allows remote management and training, it is possible to use the potential of the trainer, and at the same time reduce costs associated with logistics while guaranteeing the highest quality of service. If an entity provides services to more than one company, it is worth considering implementing tools that will serve to manage relationships with individual customers.

Software house 4B Systems provides a wide range of digitization services to the training industry. The basis is to create a complete and responsive website. It can act as a business card – so-called. one pager – as well as be expanded with additional tabs and functionality. We will successfully prepare programs in accordance with the expectations of our customers, which will serve both outdoor and indoor use. We also have a number of proven solutions to help support customers who contact us by phone, social media or chatbot.

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