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MLMseed | A system for selling products and services in multi-level marketing

Digitalization in network marketing sales processes

Network marketing, multi-level marketing companies, also often referred to as MLM (multi-level-marketing), offer a popular model for distributing products and services through a network of field representatives. Representatives, called agents, distributors, customer advisors, or consultants effectively reach customers with the services offered. Unlike other models of marketing, MLM companies do not invest in advertising but in the salespeople who make up the company’s success. There is still a very large proportion of MLM companies that have not digitized their sales and agent billing with modern IT tools. 4B Systems is meeting these expectations by offering companies in the industry as many as 2 solutions – SalesWizard and MLMseed. Below you will read about the successful implementation of MLMseed at our client.

Fenix Global Group - cosmetics, wellness

Read the case study of our client Fenix Global.

Problem: Agency billing and marketing

Here are some problems specific to the industry.

Solution: MLMseed implementation

Fenix Global Group has decided to cooperate with 4B Systems in early 2020. As part of the implementation, we prepared for the client a website based on CMS WordPress, a landing page for recruiting associates who distributed the company’s products, and an information system for handling orders obtained through the sales network. In the following period, we launched an online store for the company along with the ability to solicit orders through the sales network – each associate of the company had a reference link. Further modifications to the MLMseed system are planned as part of the cooperation.


By implementing the MLMseed system, Fenix Global has gained the following benefits.


Distribution of products in a MLM network requires a modern system

"The implementation of MLMseed has helped us grow the Company and facilitated the creation of a distribution network. We provided our Partners with modern system facilities that facilitate cooperation with our Company. By adapting the system to international conditions, we have started a dynamic expansion outside Poland. We plan to further develop and modernize our systems in cooperation with 4B Systems."

Matthew Wilczynski
Member of the Board of Directors of Fenix Global Group

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Digitalization in the MLM industry

The distribution model for products and services based on multi-level marketing continues to gain popularity. More companies are incorporating MLM into their core selling principles. Compensation, the sale of supplements, cosmetics, water, are just some of the many examples of the great application of MLM. However, the industry faces challenges, including the digitization of sales and the handling of an extensive sales network, the size of which is difficult to find in traditional distribution models. If you have a business where MLM is an essential part of product or service distribution, contact us and start digitizing your business!

Questions and answers

What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan in the MLM industry is called a model for distributing profits from the sale of products and services to company representatives (consultants, agents) involved in sales. The marketing plan is the most essential element of the MLM business. Its uniqueness and specificity directly affects the success of the business. Consider how you want to build your marketing plan. And if you need consultation in this area, please contact us.

Can I customize the MLMseed system to suit my needs?

If your MLMseed system needs to be customized, you can count on us! Most often we customize the marketing plan, online store pages and associate recruitment pages. Whatever modifications you need – we will meet your expectations.

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