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4B Systems supports the goals of non-profit organizations

Non-profit organizations (foundations and associations) pursue important social goals. The variety of goals and methods of operation requires adequate tools. Through CRM systems, mobile apps, to charity websites. 4B Systems has launched a discount program for foundations and associations, whose development without modern IT tools will not be as dynamic. Read what we can offer your organization!

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Lower-than-market rates for programming unique solutions.

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Support in the development and maintenance of selected IT solutions.

Problem: Managing incoming requests

The Foundation, which provides pro-bono legal consultations, did not have an efficient system for managing inquiries received from people in need of free legal assistance. Submissions came in by email, their management was scattered, and as a result, many people did not receive timely advice.

Solution: CRM system implementation

4B Systems has proposed to launch the SalesWizard CRM system for nonprofit organizations. As part of the system’s implementation, the LexHelper Foundation gained a useful tool for communicating and handling incoming requests that could be assigned to the appropriate lawyers. The implementation included installation of the system and customization (customization) of the service funnels to meet the expectations and goals the foundation pursues.

Benefits of working with 4B Systems

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Digitization non-profit organizations

Whether you already run a nonprofit organization or are just planning to launch one, you will need IT solutions to achieve your statutory goals. Consult with us about your needs, we can help you!

Discounts and rebates for non-profit organizations

We support nonprofit organizations in the implementation of various statutory goals – health care, popularization of knowledge of the law or new technologies, protection of animals and nature, support of the elderly, poor or excluded. We support religious and anti-discrimination organizations. If your organization’s growth is threatened by a lack of appropriate IT tools, contact us. We offer high discounts on the implementation of our SaaS solutions and also programming services.

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