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Kotlin Framework

For those not involved in the IT industry, the name “Kotlin” will be associated mainly with ketchup, or possibly with a town near Jarocin;) However, for any developer, programmer or other IT-oriented person, the Kotlin language is regarded as one of the most important technologies.

What it is Kotlin?

Kotlin is the best proof that the saying “necessity is the mother of invention” is not a hollow phrase. Dmitry Yeremov’s team working for JetBrains was looking for a language that would give them Scala-like capabilities while compiling as fast as Java. What was available in 2011 did not meet their expectations in any way, so they decided to write their technology themselves. The result is a statically typed, cross-platform language running on a Java virtual machine. This means that Kotlin is nothing more than a convenience when writing Java, which itself is compatible with the entire environment. It’s a bit like installing power steering in a car – the steering characteristics will improve, but the car itself will not change its make, body or engine.

Application Kotlin

Kotlin’s primary task is to simplify the work that is normally done in Java itself. However, it is not recommended to learn Kotlin to the exclusion of Java – although the technology makes work easier, it is not good for beginners. In Java everything is understandable, logical, one thing follows from another, black is black and white is white. Kotlin, on the other hand, skips a lot of things, “guesses”, i.e. saves our time, although for beginners not every step will be understandable. So for an experienced team of developers, Kotlin will be a convenience, while for beginners it may prove to be a bane of sorts. This does not change the fact that Kotlin has found its way into well-known projects and applications such as Pinterest, Uber, Netflix, Trello and Amazon Web Services. It is worth mentioning that Android presents the Kotlin language as its official programming technology.

Why choose solutions in Kotlin?

We proceed on the assumption that if something can be simplified, it is worth doing. This was also the reason why we implemented solutions for mobile technology in Kotlin language. This benefits each party: the customer, who does not have to wait a long time for the order to be processed, and the developers, who can perform their duties efficiently and focus on improving the project. Although the popularity of the Kotlin language is already high, supporters of the technology are growing by the month. If our customer’s order is in any way related to Android, then there is a high probability that we will just use Kotlin technology in the implementation.

What projects can you do in Kotlin?

See examples of Kotlin framework language usage.

Mobile applications

B2B and B2C mobile apps, economy sharing and more, running on Android and iOS platforms.

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