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MySQL characteristics:

MySQL database

Handling multiple queries simultaneously and securely storing a significant amount of data requires a suitable database. Moreover, it must be relational and scalable to create a seamless network of millions of connections. This task falls to MySQL technology.

What it is mySQL?

MySQL can be vividly compared to a huge book collection with librarians who know exactly what and where it is. To put it professionally – MySQL is a technology used to manage a relational database. It was established in 1995 as the fruit of the work of the Swedish company MySQL AB. Although the very concept of a “relational database” had been around since 1969, it wasn’t until MySQL that it was refined to near perfection. MySQL is the most popular relational database technology in the open source system – surpassed only by Oracle 12c Database, which is not part of the open source group. MySQL is one of four compatible technologies that are used to develop web applications (along with Linux, PHP and Apache).

Application MySQL

The use of MySQL is inevitably linked to resources that require databases. What follows is that virtually every website needs such a tool to store the information necessary for proper operation. And in this role, MySQL, which is an extremely powerful program, performs best. Let the fact that MySQL is used by Facebook or YouTube testify to its huge scalability potential. Each of these sites handles hundreds of thousands, if not millions of various requests per second. Standard databases would certainly not be able to handle such traffic properly. Add to this billions of data in the form of account names and login passwords, messages exchanged between users or the very codes responsible for the proper operation of the site.

Why choose solutions in MySQL?

MySQL technology is appreciated by most for its aforementioned scalability, which will work well for both significant investments and intimate projects. Tests of the current version show that MySQL will successfully handle more than 1.5 million queries per second. The whole system is universal – it can be used by the most popular platforms, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Symbian OpenSolaris and Novell NetWare. Database users will undoubtedly care about security – and that will be guaranteed by MySQL. Access authentication, data encryption and decryption capabilities or granular access structure are just examples of MySQL’s protection mechanisms.

What kind of projects can you do in MySQL?

See what projects you can use MySQL databases in.

Portal or website

MySQL is used in most websites, portals, web applications.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. We will make it in PHP, based on any framework, and the database will be based on MySQL.

Web application

Intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment services, a number of other solutions are based on MySQL databases.

Online shop

Using MySQL databases, you can create an online store or online ordering system.

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