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Why choose SalesWizard CRM for your business?

An intuitive CRM system in a company is a must. With SalesWizard CRM, you will design and automate a range of processes in your organization – from lead handling, quoting and contracting, to contract execution and payment. See why you should implement SalesWizard CRM!

We have been creating IT solutions for business for over a dozen years

We have been developing CRM software for more than a dozen years. We work with several industries to create dedicated solutions.

CRM security

The security of the data entrusted to us is crucial for any company. That’s why we attach the utmost importance to constantly improving security.

CRM integrations

We are constantly working on developing the base of SalesWizard CRM integration with the most popular solutions. SMS, e-mail, Google, Facebook, Autenti are just some of them.

CRM development and service

We ensure that the system can be expanded and modified to meet the needs of your company.

CRM implementation and training

We will implement the system in your company and conduct employee training. We will customize the processes carried out by the system to meet the needs of your company.

24/7 technical support

We provide full technical support and helpdesk 24/7. If you have a problem with the system – call or write, we will help.

Usability and functionality of the CRM system

We are constantly working on developing new functionalities. You will receive most of them in each subscription plan.

Polish CRM system

SalesWizard CRM is a Polish CRM system, developed by programmers from Silesia!

Not sure how to start digitizing Your company?

Implementing CRM software in an organization is easy with our help. We will train your team and parameterize the system to meet your expectations. If you have questions and want to learn how to get started, email or call us!

Popular functionalities of SalesWizard CRM

Learn about the most popular features of SalesWizard CRM software. Explore more features on!

Funnels not only for sales

Use funnels to sort your contacts according to the process you are performing (sales, installation, complaint, order, service). With service funnels, you will quickly organize your company’s processes and quickly dispense with unnecessary reporting.

Generator of contracts and documents in CRM

Use collected contact data and customer surveys to create coded documents. Don’t waste your time creating the same documents repeatedly when you can create them automatically!

Internal store in CRM

Create an internal database of products and services to create quotes and orders. Specify prices, discounts, change product prices in bulk.

Projects in CRM

You can create sets of tasks and micro tasks, group them into projects, and assign documents, users and your clients to them. Control delays and tasks in outsourced projects.

Online bidding in CRM

Standardize the quoting process in order to gain more control over the sales department. You know when and what kind of offer is going out and whether the potential customer has familiarized himself. With your proposal.

Order processing in CRM

Create and convert orders from accepted offers. Give statuses to orders, generate cash payments, wire transfers, online payments and installments for products or services sold.

Electronic signature in CRM

Take advantage of SalesWizard’s integration with Autenti, the leader in electronic signatures in Poland. Sign documents and contracts electronically.

Process automation in CRM

Automations and semi-automations are <game changer> for your organization. Use simple automations for SMS and email communications, offer follow-ups.

Find out what our customers think about CRM

What do our customers think about working with SalesWizard CRM? Explore User Reviews.

Choose a Subscription Plan tailored to Your needs

Run SalesWizard CRM software in your company on a subscription basis. The choice of Subscription Plan is up to you. Try it out now – open a free account and test to your heart’s content!


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Are you looking for a custom CRM system implementation in Your company?

Do you want to commission unique system modifications or implement a CRM system with a perpetual license? Do you have a large sales structure and want to establish a customized implementation?

Implementing a CRM system in a company - questions and answers

What is a CRM?

A CRM system is integrated business software designed to manage customer relationships through the effective collection, analysis and use of related data. It is a tool designed to improve customer interactions and optimize business processes.

How to choose the right CRM system for your company?

Functionality of the CRM system

When choosing a CRM system, attention should be paid to functionality such as customer service, relationship management, process automation, marketing and integration with existing systems in the company.

Available tools and integrations

It is worth noting the available tools and integrations, such as support for e-mail, marketing campaigns, or the ability to work with other business programs, which will allow you to fully exploit the potential of your CRM system.

Training and support for staff

It is also worth paying attention to the availability of training and support for staff, since the effective use of a CRM system depends largely on the preparation and skills of users.

What are the important elements of a CRM system?

The main components of the CRM system are a database of customers and their history of interaction with the company, relationship management functions and tools for forecasting customer preferences. The CRM system also makes it possible to automate marketing activities, which contributes to more effective marketing campaigns.

Application of CRM in the company

The CRM system is used in various areas of the company, including. Sales, customer service, marketing and customer relationship management departments. It is an invaluable support for any company seeking to maintain lasting customer relationships and effectively manage business processes.

What is a CRM system used for in a company?

Customer relationship management

The main goal of the CRM system is to effectively manage customer relationships by collecting and analyzing data, identifying customer preferences and personalizing service. This allows the company to more effectively build lasting relationships with customers and better respond to their needs.

Automation of business processes

The CRM system enables automation of many business processes, such as customer service, generating reports or conducting marketing activities, which results in saving the company time and resources and increasing the efficiency of operations.

Supporting the sales department

With a CRM system, the sales department can more effectively monitor and manage the sales process, take care of the sales funnel, as well as analyze transaction data and forecast the effectiveness of sales activities.

What are the benefits of implementing a CRM system?

More efficient customer service

With a CRM system, a company can better understand customers’ needs and preferences, leading to a personalized approach and faster service. Personalizing customer communications and responding quickly to their needs is key to building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Improving sales processes

The CRM system allows you to analyze data on the sales process and sales funnel, which enables you to identify areas for improvement, optimize activities and increase sales effectiveness.

Data integration and reporting

By centralizing customer, transaction and interaction data, the CRM system ensures the integrity of information and facilitates the generation of reports for better management and adoption of business decisions.

How does the process of implementing a CRM system work?

Requirements gathering and planning

The first step is to carefully define the company’s requirements and plan the implementation so that the CRM system is tailored to individual needs and business processes.

Testing and integration with existing systems

The next stage involves testing the system and integrating it with the company’s existing systems to maintain data integrity and ensure smooth operations.

Training and support for staff during implementation

Implementing a CRM system requires adequate training and support for staff to ensure effective use of the tool and maximization of its benefits.

What is the cost of implementing SalesWizard CRM?

You carry out the launch of SalesWizard yourself by activating the service in the Service Subscription Panel of 4B Systems. You pay nothing for the account, just as you pay nothing to implement the subscription version of the system. If you would like us to implement a system in your organization and customize the software to meet your needs, contact us for a customized quote.

Can I run the system on my own domain?

Starting with the Premium Plan, you have the option to run the system on your subdomain or domain. To do this, you need to redirect the domain’s A record to our IP address. You may also want to use your own SMS sender name and email domain.

This is a staging environment