What it is Java Script?

Java Script Characteristics:

What is Java Script?

Even if you don’t deal with information technology on a daily basis, you’ve certainly come across the term “JavaScript” or “JS.” This programming language – along with HTML and CSS – is the web trinity, so that when you enter the web world you see
, rather than a cluster of monotonous text. JavaScript is a technology without which it is difficult to imagine the modern world of programming.

What it is Java Script?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages that has been around since 1995. Given the enormity of the possibilities of this technology, one would think that it took years to develop. However, it turns out that it took Bernard Eich – the creator of JS – less than 10 days to create such a powerful, yet so versatile tool. Universal, because the vast majority of websites were created with JavaScript. Powerful, because the capabilities of this language allow you to create not only web content, but also frameworks – skeletons that facilitate further programming work. With these strengths, JavaScript is an easy language to learn – it’s where many developers begin their adventure in the IT world.

Application Java Script

JavaScript is a kind of “mother of all languages” – it’s what most IT solutions are based on. Angular, React, Vue, CodeIgniter, Redux, GraphQL, Laravel, Meteor, Node – these are just some of the frameworks that were created using JavaScript. We say right away – there is no point in counting how many such tools have already been created, because new ones are appearing again and again. However, this is not the only place where JS finds its application. The primary use of JavaScript is to create interactive web pages. As we mentioned earlier, every event that occurs on a web page, including denying or allowing access to forms, animation on a page or navigation on a page is made possible by JavaScript.

Why use Java Script?

JavaScript is a language in which it’s actually an art to mess something up – it’s an intuitive language, in its logic understandable, simple and clear. It works well for both front-end and back-end work, so any developer will find utility in JS. With its help, you can build impressive business card websites, impeccably functioning online stores, powerful mobile and desktop applications. The great popularity of JavaScript is not only the proliferation of frameworks, but also the huge number of developers providing support for it. Our programmers use JavaScript on a daily basis, so clients receive functional designs with significantly minimized risk of error.

What kind of projects can you do in Java Script?

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Virtually every solution is based on Java Script – web applications, online stores, online ordering systems, B2B, B2C systems, intranets, CRM systems!

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