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We carry out our clients’ projects using technologies that ensure durability, safety and low maintenance costs.

We use more than a dozen technologies. Daily

We work with more than a dozen front-end and back-end technologies. We program desktop and mobile solutions. Read more about some of the technologies we use.

Technology selection is key to the project

Choosing the right technology for your project is crucial to its future development and maintenance costs.

We indicate the technology for your project based on the following conditions:

Web technologies

Learn about popular web technologies on which we develop solutions for our clients.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language used to create Web pages. HTML defines the structure of a web page, specifying what elements of the page should be displayed and how they should be related to each other.

HTML characteristics:


It is one of the most basic technologies used to code web applications and websites. PHP was created in 1994. and is still under development (currently, we have version 8.X available in 2023). PHP is used to handle programs running in graphical mode, but it also allows command-line data handling.

PHP characteristics:

Java Script

JavaScript is a scripting programming language that is used to create dynamic web pages and web applications.

Java Script Characteristics:


It is the most popular database management system. Commonly used in web applications, part of an environment referred to as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). MySQL was created in 1995. It is used to manage a relational database (one in which individual data is stored in different tables that can be linked together in different ways). SQL stands for Structured Query Language.

MySQL characteristics:


Python is a high-level, interpreted general-purpose programming language that is characterized by simplicity, readability and efficiency. It is widely used to develop various types of programs, from simple scripts to sophisticated web, scientific and data analysis applications. Python is also frequently used in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Python Characteristics:


PostgreSQL is an advanced relational database management system that features performance, reliability and scalability. It is a freely available open-source software that enables the management of large volumes of data and provides many advanced features such as transactivity, ACID compliance, support for full-text and geographic indexes, and more. PostgreSQL is often used in web, business and scientific applications.

PostgreSQL characteristics:


Symfony is a framework (development platform) that provides ready-made libraries and components to define the structure and mechanisms of the programmed application. Symfony is based on PHP and available open sourc. It is characterized by speed of operation, flexibility and ease of expansion. Used in Joomla, PrestaShop,,

Symfony characteristics:


Similar to Symfony, CodeIgniter is a PHP framework with less complexity, very rich documentation, and no additional configuration required. Compatible with different versions of PHP. CodeIgniter was the basis for the creation of another framework – Laravel. CodeIgniter is also characterized by high speed. We have applied CodeIgniter to our, and projects.

CodeIgniter characteristics:


One of the PHP frameworks, developed in 2011. It features a certain elegance and simplicity, using the Model View Controller pattern (it assumes that the application is divided into a model, user views and a controller). Laravel is one of the most popular frameworks, valued by developers for its intuitiveness and speed.

Laravel characteristics:

Vue JS

Vue JS is a JavaScript library that allows you to create web applications based on the Model-View View Model (MVVM). It is characterized by a rich base of add-ons and features, helpful in front-end programming. Often regarded as an alternative to Angular and React, being also much faster than them. Vue JS runs under an open sourc license. Vue JS is used in our SaaS and

Vue JS characteristics:


CSS framework created in 2010 by Twitter developers, used for front-end coding of graphical interfaces of web applications.

Bootstrap characteristics:

Node JS

Node.js is a development platform for creating server-side applications in JavaScript. Node.js allows JavaScript code to run on the server side, enabling the development of scalable and efficient web and real-time applications.

Node JS characteristics:


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language used to describe how HTML and XML documents are displayed. CSS allows you to separate content from presentation, making it possible to create more complex and flexible websites

CSS characteristics:

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Mobile technologies

Learn about popular mobile technologies that we use to develop mobile applications.


Flutter is Google’s technology for creating mobile apps for both of the most popular mobile systems – iOS and Android. It is steadily gaining popularity due to its virtually identical application mapping on both platforms. It places great emphasis on the graphical consistency and speed of mobile apps, not inferior to native apps. Flutter has an open source code, having been developed in 2015.

Flutter characteristics:


A programming language developed by the JetBrains development team, used to build mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms. It is based on the Java environment. Popular services running on Kotlin include Pinterest, Netflix, Uber, Trello, Evernote.

Kotlin characteristics:

React Native

React Native is a development platform supported and developed by Facebook, created to speed up the work of creating mobile applications. It supports both iOS and Android platforms, allowing you to maintain a single code for both.

Characteristics of React Native:

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