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Bartosz Nowak

Bartosz Nowak

Member of the Management Board of MarketEye Sp. z o. o
“Merchassitant created by MarketEye sp. z .o.o. is constantly being developed. As a technology company, we are constantly conducting research and development work with various partners to introduce innovative, and often market-leading, solutions to our systems and applications. Specialists from 4B Systems support us in developing several key functionalities. Thanks to our openness and partnership approach, we have the opportunity to constantly exchange knowledge between our teams.

Mobile application for the retail market

In today’s rapidly changing world of the retail market, effective management of merchandising activities plays a key role. The Merchassitant application developed by MarketEye and supported by 4bsystems specialists is a merchandising management system that provides a comprehensive solution that enables companies to not only stay competitive, but also optimize field operations. The app, a combination of advanced mobile technology and an intuitive user interface, is designed to maximize merchandisers’ efficiency and provide real-time analysis of market data.

Benefits of implementing a merchandising application

Application functionalities for merchandisers

Learn all the functionality of the application and system for merchandising

GPS location and route management

The application uses GPS to track merchandisers’ positions in real time, allowing work routes to be managed optimally. This function not only provides precise location information, but also helps plan the most efficient routes for visits, reducing travel time and operating costs.

Desktop system for the administrator

In addition to the mobile application, we also offer an advanced desktop system for administrators and agency owners. The platform allows the management of the entire merchandising team, including assigning tasks, monitoring progress in real time and analyzing the collected data. With this tool, managers can quickly adjust operational and marketing strategies, maximizing the effectiveness of merchandising activities.

Market research and surveys

The mobile app allows merchandisers to perform detailed market research and complete surveys directly on mobile devices. This allows for ongoing monitoring of product availability, display conditions and competitor activities. The collected data is automatically synchronized with the central system, allowing for immediate analysis and response to market changes.

Task management and reporting

Merchandisers can receive tasks and goals directly to their mobile devices, allowing them to monitor their progress and efficiency on an ongoing basis. The reporting function can automatically generate detailed reports on tasks performed, point-of-sale visits and market research results, greatly simplifying the process of data collection and analysis.

Image Recognition - Image Recognition Function

Aplication for merchandising has been enhanced with a breakthrough image recognition function (technology by MarketEye), which is the key to revolutionizing shelf share and product availability management. Using the latest AI and machine learning technologies, the app enables merchandisers to instantly and accurately analyze point-of-sale images, automatically identifying products, their display and shelf shares.

Key benefits of implementing Image Recognition system and applications for merchandising

Automatic product identification

The image recognition function allows quick identification of products on the shelves, without the need for manual data entry. The system automatically recognizes products, their brands and variants, significantly speeding up the audit process.

Exposure optimization

Merchandisers can use the images to analyze and optimize how products are presented, following best practices and brand guidelines. This ensures maximization of shelf appeal.

Shelf share analysis

Thanks to advanced algorithms, the application is able to assess the shelf share of a given product, comparing it with the competition. This allows an accurate analysis of brand visibility and the effectiveness of product display.

Integrated reporting

All data obtained using the image recognition function is automatically integrated into the application’s reporting system. This allows the creation of detailed analysis and reports on product exposure and availability, which are essential for business decision-making.

Product availability assessment

The image recognition function automatically detects product shortages on the shelves, allowing quick response to replenish stock. This is a key tool in minimizing lost sales opportunities caused by product unavailability.

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