Reservation system for apartments and hotels

Source bookings directly with no commission % on sales.

Online reservations for hotels, apartments and guesthouses - hotel system

Nowadays, online bookings have become an indispensable part of the hotel, apartment and guesthouse industry. Thanks to modern reservation systems, managing accommodations has become much more intuitive and efficient. What should a good hotel website contain? How to effectively manage apartment reservations? What are the advantages of a modern hotel reservation system? We will learn about the online booking system for hotels and apartments – Bookable.

Why choose Bookable?

All apartments in one system

You will add all your facilities – rooms, hotels, apartments or guesthouses – to the online reservation system. In one place you have access to the entire base of your offer.

Reservation calendar

Quick access to the online booking calendar of your accommodation listings is the basis for effective management. Quickly change prices, availability, booking conditions from the calendar.

Online payment for reservations

Receive online payments from bookers to immediately block appointments and handle instant bookings. Bookable is integrated with the most popular payment gateways.

Manage your reservations with Bookable

You have all your reservations – by phone and online – in one place. Quickly handle reservations and communicate with customers.

Built-in email and SMS

Mass and individual SMS and e-mail communication with your guests through an online reservation system.

Accommodation booking website

Bookable is not only an online reservation service system but also a website for your hotel, apartment or guesthouse.

Bookable system reviews

"We use the booking system for Bookable apartments at We are acquiring more and more direct bookings without paying commissions to intermediaries. The system is intuitive and easy to use. It allows synchronization of calendars with other channels ( and and online payment."

Malgorzata Socha, owner

Not sure how to implement a reservation system in Your hotel, guesthouse Or apartment?

4B Systems experts will help you implement and customize your hotel’s online reservation system and website – Bookable. If you have questions, you can schedule a consultation with us to learn more about how the system implementation process works.

Implementing an online booking system for apartments - the most common questions

What should a good hotel website contain?

Elements on the home page

A good hotel website should contain clear information about the accommodation offer, tourist attractions and photos of the facility. It is also important to include a button for an intuitive online booking system, encouraging guests to use this option.

Transparency of the booking form

To make the booking process easier for potential customers, the booking form should be clear and intuitive. It is necessary to clearly state the options regarding the date of stay, the type of room and any additional services.

Adding a booking calendar

The booking calendar is an important tool that allows you to present the availability of rooms in a selected period of time. It makes it easy for prospective guests to see if there are rooms available on a given date and make reservations online.

How to manage apartment reservations?

Avoiding overbooking

To avoid overbooking, a situation in which more rooms are booked than available, it is important to manage reservations effectively. This can be done using special tools, such as channel manager, which allows you to synchronize room availability across different booking platforms. At Bookable, we’ve solved the problem of overbooking with the functionality of synchronizing vacant and occupied dates at a given property, between popular booking platforms (including and AirBnB) and your own booking site.

Operation of the channel manager in the reservation system

Channel manager is a tool that allows you to manage your accommodation listings on various booking portals, such as and Airbnb. This avoids room availability conflicts and ensures consistency of offerings across all platforms.

Modern hotel reservation system - what is worth knowing?

Advantages of online booking system

Modern hotel reservation systems offer a number of benefits, such as automation of the reservation process, the ability to quickly generate booking and availability reports, and integration with online payments. It is a solution that significantly improves the handling of reservations and enhances the attractiveness of the accommodation offer.

Manage reservations from within the system

With a modern hotel reservation system, you can efficiently manage reservations, modify room availability, set prices or generate reports with occupancy charts. This allows you to have full control over the booking process and optimize the management of your accommodation.

Generate booking and availability reports

Hotel reservation systems enable the generation of detailed reservation and availability reports, allowing for ongoing analysis of lodging resource utilization and informed decisions on the facility’s pricing and promotional strategy.

How to effectively manage a guesthouse with a hotel system?

Promotion of accommodation offer through the reservation system

Effective use of the reservation system enables effective promotion of the accommodation offer by presenting attractive stay packages, discounts or additional services. This encourages potential customers to make reservations, resulting in increased occupancy at the facility.

SMS with booking confirmation

Sending SMS booking confirmations is an important form of communication with customers. This allows you to confirm reservations, provide necessary information about the stay, and keep in constant contact with guests, which has a positive impact on the customer experience.

Conducting bookings through and AirBnb and AirBnb platforms are popular booking channels to reach a wide range of potential guests. Integration with these platforms through the reservation system allows for efficient handling of reservations, management of offers and dynamic adjustment of prices depending on demand.

Online booking of accommodation over the internet

Making a reservation online is easy and convenient. Thanks to intuitive booking forms, you can easily select your preferred date and room type and make online payments, which significantly speeds up the booking process. Implementing support for instant, prepaid online bookings will significantly increase your direct revenue.

I publish the offer on AirBnb, why do I need my own online booking site?

Our booking system for apartments, hotels and bed and breakfasts, Bookable, doesn’t descend from this popular booking channel. However, it is worthwhile for you to pay attention to the cost of obtaining reservations for your property through AirBnb. Every booking that comes to you through AirBnb is charged a commission, which you must pay to the broker. Some of your potential customers that you could have acquired directly are using the intermediary’s offerings. Have you wondered what % of your customers return to your properties through the same AirBnb platform?

I publish my properties on Why do I need my own booking site? is the largest booking portal in the world, running marketing campaigns on your behalf. You pay a minimum of 15% commission for each booking obtained with the help of Do you know how many bookings could come to you directly, without having to pay a broker’s commission. Conduct an experiment and enter your facility’s name and city in Google search. See what’s in the first search results. In high probability, these will be paid or AirBnb ads leading to your property (or sometimes not). Have you thought about how much commission you’ll save when at least 10% of your bookings come from your own online booking site?

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