What it is HTML?

HTML characteristics:

What is HTML?

If we wanted to know the genesis of the Internet, this one undoubtedly could not be described without mentioning HTML. HyperText Markup Language – because that’s how the acronym unfolds – is the basic language describing web structures. Everything you see on the Internet – including this text – correlates to some degree with HTML and the way it is presented in CSS format.

What it is HTML?

HTML is to the wider IT world what the Big Bang is to evolutionists. It is a language that, in principle, forms the basis of the entire Internet, and in its current formulation is used to create commands that define the content of a web page. The fact that the paragraphs of this text are separated by mid-headings and the headings do not overlap is just contained in the lines of HTML code. Importantly, HTML is not a typical language for writing programs, such as JavaScript. It is not used to write functions, handle events, and we will not create conditional statements in it. As the member ML, or Markup Language, indicates, it is a markup language that is used to denote the structure and content of a website. CSS, or cascading style sheets, is responsible for its proper presentation. Add to that the aforementioned JavaScript language, and you have a complete tool for creating content on the Web.

Application HTML

HTML is one of those concepts that almost all of us associate with or have encountered, regardless of our knowledge of information technology. Let the fact that nearly 95% of all Internet resources correlate to some degree with HTML be an indication of how common this language is. Interestingly, HTML is used not only by programmers and web developers to create websites. This language is used, for example, by those in the wider marketing world: copywriters, bloggers or content marketers. When publishing their texts on the web, they certainly use code structures that highlight headings, bold or underline text.

Why use HTML?

Analyzing the topic with common sense, without HTML the entire Internet would look like text files saved in Microsoft Word, Open Office or Libre Office spreadsheets. Someone might conclude that this is a choice of compulsion, not goodwill. But the truth is that HTML is of no small importance to the Internet, and without it we would not have hyperlinks, links or even aesthetically arranged text. The websites would not stand out in any way, they would be devoid of visual identity. So asking why choose HTML technology is about as legitimate as asking why use the Sun.

What kind of projects can you do in HTML?

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