Framework Vue.js

Vue.js characteristics:

Vue.js Framework

It’s not just PHP that has frameworks to streamline the work – JavaScript also boasts such solutions. One of them is Vue.js technology, which allows you to create web applications. They make preparing the perfect front-end even easier!

What it is Vue.js?

Vue JS is a project that was initially supposed to fail, to be stifled by the much more recognizable Angular JS and React JS. Why? Because Facebook and Google – companies with multi-billion dollar budgets – are behind the development of React and Angular. Vue JS, on the other hand, was created by freelance developer Evan You, a former Google employee. He combined the strengths of React, Angular, added some of his ideas, and the result is a really thoughtful framework that makes developers’ lives easier for building dynamic interfaces in the MVC model. The result speaks for itself – more than 130,000 five-star reviews on GitHub by independent developers and software house employees are no coincidence.

Application Vue.js

Vue JS is a framework that is slightly less recognizable than at least the similar Angular JS. Some corporate software houses even deliberately omit this technology, with which they add unnecessary work. So we can talk about Vue JS like an uncut diamond, because the solution guarantees significant improvements, improving the speed and performance of the site. Instead of manually optimizing and configuring the code, you can use this technology, which is based on JavaScript, a language that is largely responsible for the fluidity of the interaction. It’s also a good choice when a project is expected to have the potential for development or there is a phased application build. Vue JS is extremely flexible, so you can revisit the venture and expand it with more functionality at any time.

Why choose solutions in Vue.js?

The solutions offered by Vue JS are chosen by both novice developers and more experienced ones. Developers with less seniority through Vue JS codes can learn to create web applications at an advanced level. Those with longer tenure, on the other hand, use the technology to streamline their work and minimize errors due to routine or pressing deadlines. The result for both groups of developers is always the same – a quick and nearly flawless creation of a framework that will be the starting point for further work. However, it is worth remembering that the flexibility and range of possibilities of Vue JS are so wide that disagreements between software developers may arise. Therefore, in addition to implementing this tool, it is important to remember to align the team and present a common, unified vision for the project.

What kind of projects can you do in Vue.js?

See examples of using the Vue.js framework language.

Our solutions based on Vue.js

Vue.js is the basis of the SalesWizard CRM and LegallyCRM projects.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. We will make the front-end of the system in Vue.js.

Web application

You can base your intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment services, a number of other solutions on a front-end in the Vue.js framework.

Online shop

When building your online store, you can use any back-end (in CodeIgniter, Laravel or Symfony) and base the front-end on Vue.js.

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