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Laravel characteristics:

Laravel Framework

Can you imagine running an auto repair shop without the right tools or a restaurant without an equipped kitchen? The IT industry also has a set of tools (libraries), without which work could be greatly hampered. One of them is Laravel – a useful PHP framework.

What it is Laravel?

Laravel is another PHP framework that was released in 2011, and it is still considered one of the best frameworks today. Its creator is Taylor Otwell, an American programmer originally associated with the C++ language. A little interlude: a framework is a programming platform that speeds up and greatly simplifies the development of web applications. Ready-made libraries and implemented patterns make it possible for the programmer to skip the “dirty work” and focus on the essence of a given project. The Laravel creator also decided to look at the solutions used in CodeIngiter and Symfony, and then simplify some paths or get rid of the most common pain points. The result is a tool that is recommended by more than six million developers around the world.

Application Laravel

The use of the technology in question is closely related to the PHP programming language. It is with this language and its tasks that Laravel is related, so it will be within its scope to create all sorts of dynamic and responsive websites. It will perform very well in terms of authentication or routing tasks. The technology provides the basis for the creation and development of the formula ordered by the customer. It is worth emphasizing that this is not a “shortcut” or doing the project for someone – it is a convenience that can be compared to an air wrench in a vulcanizing shop. With it, you don’t have to agonize over a manual wheel wrench, vide in the IT world you don’t have to write the necessary PHP scripts and code from scratch.

Why choose solutions in Laravel?

Taylor Otwell said Laravel is the best PHP framework for the reason that it meets the needs of modern IT solutions. There’s not an ounce of exaggeration or immodesty in that – it’s the intuitiveness and range of capabilities that make Laravel the choice of developers worldwide. The most important advantage lies in a number of ready-made solutions that can be implemented for both small sites and complex projects. One of them is a ready-made authentication system that will allow site users to register, log in or create and change passwords. Another asset of a similar type is Artisan, which is a collection of commands that greatly speed up work. Speed, intuitiveness and simplicity – these three terms best describe working in the Laravel framework.

What kind of projects can you do in Laravel?

See examples of Laravel framework language usage.

Our solutions based on Laravel

Laravel is the basis of the Foodeliver project.

Mobile application management panel

Mobile applications for efficient management require an administrative panel – the command center of the application. We will make it in Laravel.

Web application

Intranet, B2B, B2C systems, company panels, recruitment services, a number of other solutions.

Online shop

Using Laravel, you can create an online store or online ordering system.

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