Restaurant website with online ordering system

Sell food online with no commission % on sales.

Which online ordering system should I choose?

More and more companies on the market are offering online ordering systems for food service. During the COVID pandemic period in 2020. A number of solutions have emerged that can find their application. Before choosing the right system, it is worth considering its cost. Surely a commission of 20-30% on orders acquired through this route is a fair deal? Isn’t it better to bet on your own foodservice marketing and build a customer base independent of the big order brokers in the market?

Why choose Foodeliver?

We work for the gastronomy industry

We have been developing an online ordering system for food service for several years. We have developed web software to publish our own website and handle orders.


The security of the data entrusted to us is crucial for any restaurant. That’s why we attach the utmost importance to constantly improving security.

Development and service

Foodeliver is an ordering system that continues to grow. In addition to order processing, we also offer marketing functions.

Implementation and training

We will implement a website and ordering system along with online training of your employees.

24/7 technical support

We provide full technical support and helpdesk 24/7. If you have a problem with the system – call or write, we will help.

Mobile application for a restaurants to handle orders

Restaurants are also provided with a mobile application for order processing and status.

Not sure how to start digitizing restaurants?

Do you run a restaurant, bar, sushi bar, burger shop, pizzeria, cafe, or bakery? Not sure how to digitize your phone order service? Do you have concerns, don’t know where to start? Call us. We will guide you through the process and help you get an increase in sales.

Feedback from our long-time customers

Kacper Januszewski

Kacper Januszewski

“We have been using the Foodeliver online ordering system for over a year. This is our first online ordering system. We decided to implement it because of the clear terms of cooperation. Importantly, there is no % commission on orders.”

Paweł Misiewicz

Paweł Misiewicz

“During the COVID pandemic, we had to adapt to the current situation. So I began to consider implementing an online ordering system for food service. I considered offers from well-known platforms, but the several percent commissions effectively discouraged me. I decided to implement the Foodeliver system because of the clear terms of cooperation – a fixed annual fee with no commission % on my revenue. In addition, the restaurant’s website is nice, modern and clear. I liked the functionality of the system and the simplicity and intuitiveness in its use.”

Choose a Subscription Plan tailored to Your needs

Launch your own restaurant website with online ordering system in 3 days! Choose the subscription plan you need!


Terms and conditions



Catering marketing

Wersje językowe

Additional modules


Terms and conditions



Catering marketing

Wersje językowe

Additional modules

Not sure how to get started Digitization of your restaurant?

Don’t own from a restaurant website yet? Do you take orders over the phone? Don’t worry! Let us help you bring your restaurant into the 21st century!

Questions and answers

How much do I pay for orders obtained through my website?

Nothing. Your commission is round 0. Ordering is your job, we do not charge a commission on it. Instead, we provide you with a tool to win new orders. For a fixed monthly or annual subscription – at your choice.

Where is my order data stored?

The system is administered on our server. According to the subscription agreement for the website and online ordering system.

I do not have a web address for my restaurant

It’s not a problem. We will buy a domain for you and install your own online ordering system and restaurant website on it.

I would like to modify the system for my needs. Is it possible?

If you want to expand the system, you can contract us for additional work. We will price new features and execute them for you at your earliest available date. You can also wait for free updates.

Is Foodeliver being developed?

Yes, we are constantly developing our system and ordering page for your customers. We are adding new features that all our subscription customers receive. Stay with us as. For the longest time and you will see how much we are changing!

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