CRM software development for LexVin law firm using Vue.js technology

Acquisition of the development of a CRM web application based on Laravel, PHP, MySQL and Vue.js technology to manage the law firm's cases, documents and contacts.

Project goals achieved:

Dariusz Kostyra

Dariusz Kostyra

Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Dariusz Kostyra, właściciel marki LexVin

“4B Systems develops CRM software previously implemented in my law firm. During several months of work, he modernized the system, implementing many functionalities necessary for the work of the law firm. We are still working on the development of the software to work faster and more efficiently on the cases entrusted to us by our clients. I highly recommend!”

Establishing cooperation

The client approached us to inquire about the development of CRM web software, which had previously been designed and programmed by another development team. The CRM project was based on Laravel, Vue.js and MySQL databases. Analysis of the code by our team has shown that the software can be stably developed further. At the same time, we tried to provide the client with advice on the path of software development, which was lacking in cooperation with the previous software house.

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Back-end development of CRM system based on Laravel

We started the work by eliminating basic errors related to the functioning of the system, which hindered the work of the Office team. These were not critical errors, but it took dozens of hours of work to clean up the code and become familiar with the structure and documentation of the CRM system. After eliminating the bugs, we began development of the new functionalities expected by the law firm.

Front-end coding based on Vue.js

The front-end of the system was not attractive to the client and the firm’s employees. The LexVin law firm also decided to outsource to us the work of re-writing the front-end based on Vue.js. The work took more than 3 months, with the goal of cleaning up the front-end code and creating a user-friendly interface for the CRM system. At the same time, by doing front-end development, we eliminated bugs that were hampering the system.

Programming new functionalities in CRM system for LexVin law firm

Here are some of the important functionalities we have implemented at LexVin Law Firm.

Moduł rozliczeń

A module that allows accounting for cases conducted by the Office.

Automatyczna zmiana statusów spraw

Automatic change of statuses of pending cases based on the algorithm developed by the Office.

System przypomnień i powiadomień o opóźnieniach

Notification system for law firm staff based on the status of the case, the mode of conduct, the time of processing the application and many other factors.

Summary of work in the LexVin project

Below is a brief summary of the programming work done for LexVin Law Firm.

Technology stack

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