CRM software implementation at Frejowski CHF law firm using CodeIgniter technology

The project included the selection and implementation of CRM software - LegallyCRM at the Frejowski CHF law firm, as well as further maintenance and development of the software.

Project goals achieved:

Mateusz Powałka

Mateusz Powałka

Prezes Zarządu Kancelaria Frejowski CHF

“We are handling cases involving bank claims. Among other things, on account of franking credits. We were looking for a CRM system to manage our customer service process, cases and documentation. We decided to cooperate with 4B Systems and we are satisfied. We are constantly working on the development of our CRM software in cooperation with 4B Systems.”

Establishing cooperation with Frejowski CHF law firm

Frejowski CHF Law Firm is engaged in the representation of borrowers aggrieved by legally defective Swiss franc mortgage contracts.

The law firm approached us with a request to implement web software for the law firm – An analysis of the law firm’s needs showed that our solution meets most needs. The client decided that the CRM system should be installed on the Firm’s server. In a short time, we decided to cooperate and implement the software.

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Development of unique functionalities of the CRM system

The client decided to implement the broadest version of LegallyCRM software. As the Firm’s team began working with the system, new expectations and the need for new functionality emerged. We provided the client with further development of the CRM application.

Programming new functionalities in CRM system for Frejowski CHF law firm

Here are some of the important functionalities that we have implemented at Frejowski CHF Law Firm.

Konta klienckie w CRM

A module that allows law firm clients to log into the CRM to communicate with the law firm and verify the status of an ongoing legal matter.

Komunikacja SMS i e-mail

Automated SMS and e-mail communication between CRM system users and law firm clients.

System alertów ze spraw

A system of reminders for lawyers handling the case about the necessary actions to be performed, along with the deadline for their completion.

Summary of work in the Frejowski CHF law firm project

Below is a brief summary of the programming work done for the Frejowski CHF law firm.

In this project we used

LegallyCRM is a CRM system prepared for law firms – debt collection, compensation, attorneys and counselors.

Technology stack

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