Implementation of SalesWizard CRM at Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o. - Symfony and Vue.js

Implementation, modification and maintenance of SalesWizard CRM system based on Symfony, PHP and Vue.js

Project goals achieved:

Bogdan Montana

Bogdan Montana

Prezes zarządu Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o.

“Our previous commission billing system was outdated and impossible to develop further. We decided to implement SalesWizard CRM with a dedicated modification that provided us with a new algorithm for calculating and redistributing commissions to the sales network. 4B Systems implemented the system in our company, trained the team and has a very active helpdesk in implementing employees in the current processes implemented in the software. I highly recommend!”

Establishing cooperation

Hydropure Poland sp. z o.o. is a Wroclaw-based company that sells osmotic water filters for individual and corporate customers. It has 12 filtration devices in its portfolio. Sales are made primarily through a well-developed field sales network. The client approached us with a need to build new software for calculating commissions for the sales network. The client’s existing solution was outdated and not suitable for further development. After consulting all the processes that would take place in the system, we proposed the implementation of SalesWizard CRM with a package of modifications that would solve the client’s problems and give the possibility of further development in the future, while keeping the cost of maintaining the system and infrastructure low. The SaaS solution met all the requirements in this case.

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Implementation of the basic version of SalesWizard CRM and further development

We started the work by implementing a basic version of the software. We have launched an order module, enabling the entry of sold products into the CRM system, assigning them to salespeople in the field for later calculation of commissions.

Coding of Marketing Plans and Loyalty Plans.

The SalesWizard CRM system did not previously have the functionality of Marketing Plans and Loyalty Plans. The client decided to commission modifications to this work. The marketing plan is a module that allows you to define the conditions for granting commissions to CRM users, and determines how commissions are calculated (the amount) and the qualifying time. The commission was to be awarded on the basis of completed orders placed by user-sellers. A loyalty plan is a similar module, but operates on points, not currency. For selling a product, the seller receives loyalty points, with which he can later buy the product. Our development team programmed both modules.

Programming new functionalities in the SalesWizard CRM system for Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o.

Here are some important functionalities we have implemented at Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o.

Plan marketingowy

A unique marketing plan that allows for the calculation and qualification of commissions for the field sales network.

Plan lojalnościowy

A module that allows you to accrue loyalty points for the sale of customer products. With the points, the system user can purchase another product.

Ranking sprzedawców

Ranking of top sellers based on the number of customer products sold in a given month.

Summary of work in the project Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o.

Below is a brief summary of the programming work done for Hydropure Polska sp. z o.o.

In this project we used

SalesWizard CRM is SaaS, turnkey CRM software accessible from a browser, offered on a subscription basis.

Technology stack

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