Implementation of LegallyCRM software at JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

The project included implementation and dedicated modifications of CRM software - LegallyCRM at JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

Project goals achieved:

Milena Majewska

Milena Majewska

Prezes Zarządu JM Kancelaria Prawna Sp. z o.o.

“We were looking for a CRM system for our law firm that would meet the goals of handling legal cases entrusted to us by our clients. We decided to work with 4B Systems sp. z o.o. and implement LegallyCRM with a package of dedicated modifications to adapt the system to our processes. We have been working with 4B Systems since 2020 until now. We recommend!”

Establishment of cooperation with JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

JM Law Firm sp. z o.o. is engaged in the representation of accident victims, rehabilitation and care benefits, and a wide range of legal services for individuals. The law firm searched the market for a CRM system in which it could centralize its own client base and systematize its activities, tasks and documents. An important part of implementing the system was to ensure security. An analysis of the law firm’s needs showed that the best solution would be to implement LegallyCRM with a package of modifications.

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LegallyCRM software implementation and modifications

The CRM software was installed on the server specified by the client. The needs analysis showed that minor modifications to the CRM functionality would be necessary while maintaining the underlying system architecture.

CRM modifications for JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

The client decided to implement major modifications that met the needs of the law firm.

Usługa zasiłki pielęgnacyjne

A new case registration form has been implemented – nursing allowance. Definition of additional fields, select lists, which define a new type of service and allow you to collect the necessary information.

Rozliczenia płatności

Adaptation of the algorithm of commission settlements for referred cases to the rules of the Law Firm.

Modyfikacja uprawnień użytkowników

Changing the standard sets of permissions for CRM users to suit the needs of the Firm.

Summary of CRM implementation at JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

Below is a brief summary of the programming work done for JM Kancelaria Prawna sp. z o.o.

In this project we used

LegallyCRM is a CRM system prepared for law firms – debt collection, compensation, attorneys and counselors.

Technology stack

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