Implementation of LegallyCRM software at Legal Media sp. z o.o.

The project included the implementation of CRM software - LegallyCRM at Legal Media sp. z o.o.

Project goals achieved:

Dominik Pledziewicz

Dominik Pledziewicz

Prezes Zarządu Legal Media sp. z o.o.

“We started working with 4B Systems in 2020. Together we implemented a CRM system in our company to manage cases and requests from customers. I recommend cooperation at 4B Systems. I appreciate the response time to requests and the faultlessness of the CRM system. We have been working on the same system for 4 years now.”

Establishing cooperation with Legal Media sp. z o.o.

Legal Media sp. z o.o. provides legal services to individuals in the field of bank claims – in particular Swiss franc loan agreements, loan refunds. It also offers legal services for people with excessive debts.

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Implementation of LegallyCRM software at Legal Media sp. z o.o.

LegallyCRM software has been deployed on servers designated by the law firms. The system was configured and customized within a few working days.

CRM functionalities relevant to the customer

Legal Media sp. z o.o. decided to implement LegallyCRM, among other things. due to the following benefits.

Instalacja na serwerze Klienta

The license covered the installation and implementation of the software on the client’s server. For reasons of security and confidentiality, the client decided to store the data in-house.

Centralna baza spraw i klientów

LegallyCRM is a central database of all the law firm’s clients and cases. It allows quick and remote access to the system from anywhere.

Praca zdalna w dobie COVID

The implementation of LegallyCRM took place during the pandemic. It enabled the law firm to work remotely.

Summary of CRM implementation at Legal Media sp. z o.o.

Below is a brief summary of LegallyCRM implementation at Legal Media sp. z o.o.

In this project we used

LegallyCRM is a CRM system prepared for law firms – debt collection, compensation, attorneys and counselors.

Technology stack

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