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How to improve the process of quoting customers in the PV industry with a CRM system?

Solar, hydro, wind, biomass or geothermal energy is our future. Using renewable energy sources is not only environmentally friendly and helps protect our planet. In the long run, it also helps reduce heat or energy costs.

The ever-increasing cost of electricity in Poland and programs that support the installation of photovoltaic panels have made more and more people decide to make such an investment. The growing demand for such services has led to a significant increase in the number of companies operating in the photovoltaic industry in recent years. Entrepreneurs and traders sensing the opportunity for easy, quick money have changed industries. However, behind the desire for profit should be first and foremost the highest quality service. How to ensure it in such a competitive market?

Offering customers in the photovoltaic installation industry

The topic of photovoltaic installation comes up very often in personal, professional conversations or on Internet forums. Unfortunately, all too often we hear or read about negative customer impressions regarding customer service and the bidding process:

  • Lack of verbosity and timeliness – references or salespeople make an appointment but forget about it and call after a few days.
  • Long waiting time for a quote – salesmen come to the site and take measurements. They promise to send a price offer urgently. Unfortunately, however, customers often have to wait several days or even weeks for an offer.
  • The need to involve the Client’s time – the company often requires the Client to come independently to the company’s headquarters to sign the contract.
  • Postponement of the installation of photovoltaic panels – due to delays, the deadline for the service is extended, but it happens that the customer is not informed of this in a timely manner.
  • The price of the service after installation turns out to be different than in the tender provided – this may be due to calculation errors if the salesman does not use a specialized tender calculator.

How does customer quoting look in a CRM system for the PV industry?

These aforementioned and other problems of the photovoltaic industry can be easily eliminated by using innovative information systems to streamline the entire bidding process. The entire process and therefore contact with the client, making calculations, submitting a bid, signing the contract and performing the service is more efficient.

What can the customer quoting process in the PV industry look like with a CRM system?

  1. The salesman meets with the customer. Takes measurements. Adds the customer and key service information to the CRM system. With an on-site installation calculator, it provides the customer with preliminary information on the price of the service.
  2. A desk clerk at the company’s headquarters takes over customer service. It analyzes the data and, based on it, prepares an offer and sends it to the customer at the indicated e-mail address. It is possible to check whether the customer has read the offer.
  3. The instructor sets himself a task with a reminder to contact the client. He contacts the client at the appointed time and obtains information on whether the client is interested in cooperation.
  4. The desk officer personalizes the contract template found in the system and sends it to the client for review. Once approved, the customer has the option to provide an electronic signature.
  5. Once the contract is signed, a date is set for the installation of the photovoltaic system. The attendant sets himself tasks and reminders to remember to contact the customer at the appointed time.

In summary, the CRM system will improve the quality of the entire quotation process along with eliminating errors in service. Keep in mind that a customer satisfied with the quality of service but also with the company’s offer, will gladly recommend it to both friends and Internet users.

CRM system for the photovoltaic industry

The innovative IT system is designed to support customer relationship management. What features should a CRM system for the installation industry have?

  • Responsive web software – the ability to use the CRM system 24 hours a day from the position of a web browser on a computer, but also on a tablet or phone.
  • Create separate threads for separate clients – it’s worth ditching the spreadsheets and keeping all contacts in one secure place.
  • Electronic signature – you can expand the scope of operations and conclude contracts without having to meet in person, which, by the way, will minimize objections to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Sending offers from the CRM system – such a possibility will allow you to quickly generate an offer, send it to the customer, but also check whether the person has read the sent messages.
  • Installation calculator – a salesman or customer service rep can easily calculate the price and profits of a PV installation.
  • Database of contract and offer templates – having them in the CRM system speeds up the process of preparing an offer or contract, and the time saved can be spent on business development.
  • Adding Tasks and Reminders – Promptness and punctuality are very important to customers, and the ability to add tasks and reminders will ensure the highest quality of customer service.
  • Multi-level billing – if you hire salespeople, you can easily bill their commissions on signed contracts.

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