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Online ordering system with calendar

For years, we have been observing the growth of the ecommerce, or e-commerce, industry in the market. This puts products from around the world at our fingertips. Buying online equipment from the United States, clothes from the United Kingdom or Christmas decorations from China has been possible for many years. Ecommerce is already at such a high level that, in fact, almost every industry can take advantage of the opportunity to sell not only their products but also their services online.

Is a customized online ordering system with a calendar that allows reservations the answer to the needs of both businesses and consumers? What industries are reservation systems designed for? What are the benefits of using such a solution for both parties to the transaction?

OrderEngine – Customized online ordering system with calendar

OrderEngine is a product designed to improve the operations of companies offering to sell products and services and to meet the current needs of consumers. This booking system is a modern, responsive website, where the customer will find basic information about the company and a full offer. The consumer will be able to place an order online or make a reservation for any date. The heart of OrderEngine, however, is the admin panel that allows you to manage the site for the client and also to do self-marketing, which can increase your company’s profits by up to 20%!

The COVID pandemic running since March 2020 has led to even faster growth in the ecommerce industry and forced a different view of the business-customer relationship. Most management theories state that the customer and his satisfaction should be the main goal of the company. It may seem that profit should be it, but nothing could be further from the truth. Only a group of regular, satisfied customers, satisfied with the service or product, will allow you to get more and more profits. The OrderEngine system is a solution that will help achieve the company’s main goal.

What industries can benefit from investing in a reservation system?

An online ordering or reservation system can be customized for almost any industry selling products or services. Ordering and booking online is simply easy and very convenient. Information systems are becoming a necessity if a company wants to maintain or gain a high position in a highly competitive market. If we can order sweets or clothes from overseas, why couldn’t we order a cake online from a nearby bakery, schedule an appointment with a hairdresser or schedule a date to change the tires on our car for winter ones?

OrderEngine’s online ordering system with calendar will be useful in:
Beauty industry:
◦ beauty salons,
◦ hair salons,
◦ Gyms,
◦ Tattoo parlors.
Automotive industry:
◦ Vulcanization plants,
◦ Mechanical workshops,
◦ Salons engaged in autodetailing,
◦ Car rentals,
◦ Vehicle inspection stations.
Medical industry:
◦ private medical offices,
◦ Physiotherapists,
◦ aesthetic medicine.
Tourism industry:
◦ Apartment and hotel room rentals,
◦ Travel agencies.

Pros of using a reservation system

Benefits of using an online ordering system with a calendar for the entrepreneur:
– More efficient management of the company thanks to the administrator panel, automation of the processes taking place in the company and better organization of activities.
– Your own modern website with your offerings is your business card. In addition, it allows independence from paid booking platforms.
– Building a base of regular customers with information about their preferences and the possibility of acquiring new customers.
– Increase profits with marketing features such as discount codes, SMS appointment reminders and a loyalty program.
– Eliminate errors in reservations or orders that often occur during an in-person or telephone conversation. In addition, it saves time for both the business owner and his employees.

Benefits of using an online ordering system with a calendar for the customer:
– The ability to see the company’s full range of products anywhere, anytime around the clock.
– Ability to learn about free appointments and book a convenient day and time to perform the service, as well as the ability to order products online with home delivery.
– No need to call several times, wait in lines or waste time driving to a facility just to make an appointment or order a product.
– Receive email and sms messages with appointment reminders or the latest promotions.
– Obtain products or services of the highest quality while respecting the customer’s time.

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