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Why use a copywriting service

The glut of advertising and ubiquitous stimuli is making us increasingly indifferent to marketing efforts. This is clearly not to the taste of manufacturers who want to reach consumers with their goods or services. So you need something to create a need for a product on the one hand, and on the other to help build a relationship with the customer. This task belongs to copywriters, among others, who interact with consumers through copywriting.

What is copywriting?

The original meaning of the word referred to the marketing process of creating advertising slogans. The person responsible for performing this task – called a copywriter – was one of the members of the creative team. But don’t let the “copy” in the copywriting slogan fool you – the texts and slogans were not repetitive, no content was copied or duplicated. In this case, “copy” referred to the copy of the product in question, which means that “copywriting” can be translated as “writing about the product.” After a while, copywriters were entrusted with overseeing the advertising script in radio broadcasting. Until now, this task was performed by radio journalists, but their way of advertising (limited to dry reading of information about the company) was unattractive. Once copywriting proved itself in radio advertising, it was quickly implemented in television advertising scripts as well.

Modern definition of copywriting

Today, the advertising industry has grown considerably and marketing texts are no longer just catchy slogans on billboards or creative promotion on radio and TV. This is all the content that accompanies the branding process – from branding to customer contact and sales activities to image management. Thus, the tasks of a copywriter will include a whole range of duties that include handling the written and read word. It is worth mentioning such elements as the preparation of an advertising script for a TV spot, the creation of product descriptions for a catalog, the preparation of text for a mailing campaign or the writing of texts published on a company blog. The copywriter himself can also assist the activities of sworn translators, journalists, spokespersons and even entertainers, musicians or speakers.

Is copywriting just “tapping on the keyboard”?

People who have not been exposed to copywriting before may feel that it is more of a hobby than a job. In theory, there is nothing difficult about sitting in front of a computer and writing a text, which will be posted on the site. Nothing could be further from the truth – let’s start with the fact that the work of a copywriter is strictly related to creativity. There are times when a particular topic – for example, photovoltaic subsidies – has already been covered in many ways. Nevertheless, the copywriter must, as it were, reinvent America, that is, convey the information in an even more interesting and engaging way. In addition, the work of a copywriter is not limited only to writing text – it is necessary to “process” it, and therefore optimize the content for SEO, carry out proofreading or typesetting and breaking of the text to fit the website. The statement that a copywriter’s job is just tapping on a keyboard has as much truth as saying that a construction worker just carries materials.

Types of texts in copywriting and its applications

In fact, each copywriter – depending on his specialization – can introduce his division of texts. However, the most universal, and quite “complete” range of texts is as follows:

  • Texts for the website – all texts that are published on non-blog bookmarking websites have an informative function;
  • Content for company blogs – texts that are regularly published on the company blog, through which traffic to the website is obtained;
  • Descriptions of products and services – texts that act as information, present the specifications of the product, at the same time may contain key phrases;
  • Catalog and brochure texts – texts with a marketing slant, whose task is to present the product, create needs and sales;
  • Marketing content – here you will find a whole spectrum of texts, from newsletter emails to online business cards that promote the company;
  • Articles and industry columns – texts designed to show the company as a specialist by handling a high degree of industry complexity;
  • Sponsored texts – ready-to-publish content on external portals containing links to the promoted site and incentives for interaction;
  • Content for publication in social media – texts dedicated to the largest social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

These are just the most popular examples of services handled by our copywriting department. We also successfully complete niche assignments: from speeches and texts for public appearances to advertising scripts to announcements and ad content.

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