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WordPress as a CMS. What is WordPress, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

Everything we see on the Internet consists of certain resources that have been organized in a certain way. Without these resources, every website would look exactly the same – a collection of continuous text like in a notebook. CMS systems are used to manage the content displayed, so that a given website displays itself in a certain way. The most popular CMS is WordPress, which we introduce in the following article.

What is the CMS system used for?

CMS is an acronym for Content Management System, which stands for Content Management System. In the most general terms, it is software that allows you to create, manage and expand Web content. We are talking about such aspects as adding more bookmarks to the website, updating text content or changing the layout. It should be noted, however, that the CMS allows you to separate the appearance layer from the content. This allows for much more convenient and flexible content management without tedious work, which was previously the case with static HTML files. It’s like using a large, comfortable-to-drive van for the move instead of a small car with a shallow trunk. In theory, you could choose the longer and more tedious option, but what’s the point when you have a more efficient, faster and easier-to-use solution at hand?

WordPress as a CMS system

Nowadays, the IT industry offers a variety of CMS systems, such as Joomla, Wix, Drupal, Shopify or SquareSpace. However, by far the most popular and widely used solution is WordPress. It is so popular that its share of the CMS market reaches 70%, with nearly 43.2% of websites using WordPress solutions (Q1 2023 data). An important element of WordPress is the so-called. Plug-ins, which are add-ons that modify and personalize a website. With them you can, for example, launch your online store, plug in an online payment module, add a contact form , add an anti-spam firewall or publish content in the form of blog posts. In total, there are more than 60,000 free plug-ins that can be rated and recommended, making it easier to choose the best solutions (as of June 2023). On the technical side, WordPress is written in PHP , and the system uses MySQL database management.

Advantages and disadvantages of WordPress

What’s behind such immense popularity of WordPress? This is undoubtedly influenced by the many advantages offered by the system. One of the most important benefits of WordPress is its versatility – you can create virtually anything here. From simple blogs to elaborate online stores to official websites for global brands, all of these can be easily built in WordPress. When building your site, you won’t miss another advantage – intuitiveness and simplicity, especially noticeable among non-IT professionals. The enormity of plug-ins is a plus on the one hand – you can fully customize the site you are building to suit your needs. However, there is also a downside to this – not all plug-ins are tested and trustworthy. Disadvantages can also include “cost stacking”. – although WordPress itself is free, some facilities may be chargeable. This makes it possible to pay fees of up to several thousand dollars a month for extensive projects.

Is it worth choosing WordPress as a CMS?

There is no doubt that WordPress is a great choice in the category of CMS systems – it is currently an unrivaled system. It is used by global brands: Sony Music, Mercedes-Benz, BBC, Vogue or Rihanna’s management. Also we – 4B Systems – do a lot of projects in the WordPress system, creating complex websites tailored to clients’ needs. Thanks to them, we can prepare fully functional stores, responsive business card pages or well-organized websites. Our software house has invested in a wide range of WordPress tools, thus we have the ability to complete projects that meet the expectations of our clients. However, it is not only software houses and development teams that will benefit from the WordPress implementation. It is also a good choice for freelance developers and amateurs who want to build a complete website from scratch on their own.

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