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Electronic signature software

A signature is a special institution in legislation that confirms a statement of intent. We submit it only under those documents on the content and effects of which we agree. Sometimes, however, logistical issues do not allow us to personally appear at a certain place and sign. The solution is an individual electronic signature, which can be made using a special application. How does electronic signature software work and which is the best choice?

Electronic signature – what is it?

To understand the meaning of this software, it is necessary to familiarize oneself with the terms “electronic signature” and “qualified signature.” The first means the totality of technical and legal measures that ensure the authenticity of documents used in electronic circulation. By affixing an electronic signature, we are expressing our will for a document to take legal effect in the same way as if we had signed it manually. However, this concept should not be confused with another, very similar one: qualified signature. A qualified signature is an advanced form of using technical means that make it extremely difficult to forge. Thanks to its sophistication, it can be used to handle official business. However, in order to create a qualified signature, it is necessary to use a qualified certificate and a private key stored on a cryptographic card. In other words – in order to affix a signature to an official e-document, you must have special software and a card issued with your data.

What is an electronic signature program?

Electronic signature software is a special tool that, due to its technical and legal solutions, makes it possible to make a binding signature. Each such signature is accompanied by a certification, that is, a confirmation of who signed and what program was used. In addition, it is possible to generate the so-called. date certain, that is, the date along with the time when the certification of the document took place. This will neutralize the risk of anti-dating the document (placing a date that is inconsistent with the actual date of signature). It is worth noting that some electronic signature software meets the requirements of the National Certification Center and their encryption standard allows qualified signatures. Not every supplier, therefore, can be used to handle official matters. Among other things, when choosing an e-signature program, it is important to note whether the platform has only electronic signatures or qualified signatures. There are also programs such as Autenti, where you can buy certification from one of the partners honored by the NCC, as well as use a regular electronic signature.

How to choose the right electronic signature program?

There are several criteria for choosing the best signature software, and it all breaks down to how you want to use e-signatures. It is important to consider whether we need a qualified signature or whether a simple electronic signature will suffice. If we will be doing things in offices, then it is necessary to purchase a platform that gives access to a qualified signature. If you only want to enter into classic civil law contracts (e.g., a work contract, a rental agreement, an NDA confidentiality agreement), then an electronic signature will suffice. Another issue is how often you want to use e-signature. Most providers limit the number of signatures to, say, 500 per year or 100 per month, and raising the limit requires buying an additional package. However, there are companies – and here again the reference is to Autenti – that offer their own electronic signatures free of charge, and only the desire to use a qualified signature incurs a fee. The third issue of security – good platforms have a system of signature authentication in the form of SMS one-time passwords, for example. Also remember to verify the reputation and reviews of the provider.

Advantages of electronic signature software

The use of an electronic signature program combines security, convenience and speed in getting things done. The most important issue – security – is provided by a range of modern security and technical solutions. A similar degree of encryption will be encountered, among others. At the bank and for online payments, that is, where protection is an absolute priority. Intuitive solutions included in electronic signature software make any person able to operate such an application without difficulty. The signature takes no more than a few seconds, and the signed document in PDF or XML format is ready to be emailed or submitted to the e-government. You’ll get it all done from behind your desk, without leaving your office or waiting in line. The cost of access to such a solution is really attractive – at Autenti you will pay less than PLN 300 net for a year’s access to qualified signatures without quantity limitations. For comparison – for that much you will buy 50 liters of fuel for a company car or pay for one night in a 3* hotel in Warsaw, which is probably not enough to run all your errands for the year.

Is it worth equipping a company with electronic signature software?

For the vast majority of companies, electronic signature software is a significant convenience. You should take advantage of such a solution if:

  • You run a company where you employ at least 9 people (SMEs and corporations);
  • Your company has a separate accounting and/or human resources department;
  • Your company employs people on the basis of civil law agreements and contracts;
  • Some of your employees are digital nomads or hybrid workers;
  • You have an accounting-related business (even if you are a JDG);
  • You are a freelancer and your business requires signing NDAs;
  • You manage a housing cooperative or run a rental property;
  • You make international transactions that require the signing of contracts, letters of intent or other documents of intent;
  • You don’t have the logistical capacity or don’t want to spend money on business travel to finalize international contracts;
  • You value peace of mind, speed and the ability to get things done online.

If you are wondering how electronic signature software is able to develop your business, contact us. We will help you choose the best solutions and answer your questions about qualified signatures.

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