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Online invoicing software – do you need it in your business

Issuing invoices is an integral part of running a business. Based on it, the contractor can settle the ordered goods or services. Today, in the age of digitization and the Internet, it is not necessary to deliver an invoice in person, in the form of a printed document. You can send it by email, and online invoicing software will help you quickly issue an invoice. What such a program is all about and why you should have it in your company – we write about it below.

Online invoicing software – what is it?

In the simplest terms, it is a tool through which we are able to issue invoices, and their record is saved in the cloud. The vast majority of software providers allow you to issue a variety of invoices. The most common documents are VAT invoice, correction invoice, advance invoice, final invoice, proforma invoice, VAT-markup invoice or foreign invoice. In addition to invoices, you can also issue receipts, bookkeeping notes, adjustment notes, KP deposit slips, KW issue slips, or calls for payment. With the help of this one program, we are able to generate payment documents and settlements both with business entities, as well as with customers and the broader budgetary sector. The suffix “online” is also important, signifying that the program operates in cyberspace. Any invoices issued are saved in the cloud, a dedicated space for the entity. It is protected from unwanted access, and thanks to regular refreshing, all changes will be visible in real time – you can use it not only in the office, but also on a business trip or in the form of hybrid work.

How to choose the right online invoicing software?

First of all, it is important to consider how extensive a tool you expect and how many functions you want to use. If our only goal is to settle accounts with contractors on an ongoing basis, it is enough to choose the simplest functionality of the software. If you want to combine several functionalities, for example, in addition to online invoicing you care about warehouse software, then it is worth looking for solutions that are a bit more extensive. It may turn out that we want a practical “multitool” – in such a situation it will be more reasonable to look for an ERP system with an invoicing module. Another issue to look out for is the security and reputation of the service provider. In theory, the government’s e-microfirma application is the best in this regard, but it is a rather limited system in its capabilities. So you need to pay attention to the security and authorization mechanisms used to protect access to company documents. Here, it is also worth noting that online invoicing programs are not available as desktop applications – these solutions come in Software as a Service.

Online invoicing software as a SaaS service

The main difference between online and offline invoicing software is access to the system. While offline solutions most often come in the form of software installed after the purchase of a license, online tools are a SaaS service. This means a kind of subscription – for a dozen or so net dollars a month you can use selected functionalities of the program. There are many advantages to this model, and they start with the lower cost of sharing. While offline programs are an expense of several hundred or even several thousand zlotys, online applications can be used for as little as a dozen zlotys per month. The price – in addition to access to the tool – also includes regular updates and improvements. It is worth noting that in SaaS software we have access to efficient technical support. So if any questions arise, we won’t have to wade through the “help” tab or be left alone with the trouble – a helpdesk employee will answer our questions. If we suspend or close the business, we simply cancel the SaaS service and do not incur additional costs for it.

Advantages of online invoicing software

The choice of online invoicing software is rather obvious for any businessman who wants to manage his enterprise efficiently. By storing data in the cloud, authorized employees can access invoices from any device. There is no need to print hundreds of pages and carry them to the accounting office – all the data can be sent by email or accounted for yourself in a JPK_VAT file. Another advantage is the intuitiveness of the programs – they themselves are simple to use, on top of which each provider prepares a tutorial or online knowledge base with step-by-step explanations of the functionality. And speaking of functionality – here, too, you can point out the software’s strengths that will help you manage your business. With all the data in one place, you can manage the company’s finances and conduct economic analysis. This will be facilitated by a variety of filters and diagrams showing cash flows, settlements with contractors or periodic comparisons. Quite an individual benefit is the powerful form of the tool – not only will you issue invoices in it, but you can also run HR and payroll, manage inventory or fixed assets.

Is it worth equipping the company with online invoicing software?

The answer to this question is obvious – it is not only worth, but even necessary to equip the company with such software. Without an online invoicing program, we will not be able to issue invoices, the most frequently generated document in the company. You can, of course, choose the offline option, but then you significantly complicate your company’s documentation flow. What’s more – the current legislation provides for the implementation of changes, according to which it will be necessary to use online invoicing from 2024. Therefore, already when choosing an invoicing program, it is worth paying attention to whether it complies with the guidelines of the National e-Invoicing System. If you are thinking about choosing a specific solution, and you already have to issue an invoice, you can use the free e-microfirma tool. However, we recommend switching to commercial solutions provided by entities specializing in this field. Why? Since e-microfirma is a rather limited program, we won’t do anything more in it than generate an invoice or a correction. Moreover, its operation depends on the functioning of other government applications – mCitizen or

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