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How to create a mobile application for a company?

The ubiquity of smartphones, laptops and tablets makes it impossible to imagine life without mobile apps. It is through them that we can listen to music, check the weather or communicate with friends. Some of the applications, however, are for typical business purposes and are for internal use within the company. Find out how to create a mobile application for your business and the benefits of having a dedicated solution.

The potential of a mobile application in a company

Mobile applications in the enterprise take on a variety of tasks: from data storage space to communication tool to support for marketing activities. It will not be an exaggeration to say that mobile applications in a company often play a key role, being the “right hand” of various departments. What’s more – mobile apps themselves can be an asset to your business if your business model involves its sale or subscription access. So the question arises: how do you create a tool that addresses the needs of your business or that helps you generate revenue? After all, the point is to make sure that the program you write meets all your needs and expectations, without having to support yourself with competitor solutions.

Business mobile app concept

The first step in developing a mobile application is to determine the tasks it will perform. Should it be a functional CRM for contact management and sales finalization? Maybe it will be an online ordering tool that brings together several sales channels? How about a kanban tool program to help oversee your company’s processes? Accurately defining your needs and expectations from a mobile application is the key to success, with which you can start looking for a contractor. On the market you will find both offers from freelancers and software houses. The first group is generally less expensive, but you have to set yourself up for extended turnaround time, increased risk of order abandonment and the fact that the final result may not meet your expectations due to lack of team supervision. Don’t take chances – bet on an experienced and competent IT team like 4b Systems. Our company guarantees that the completed application will meet all your expectations, and you will also receive support in the implementation of the new tool in the office.

The mobile application is also its support

When deciding to create a mobile application from scratch, you must remember that the mere fact of writing a program is not the end of the order. Many other activities are also needed: testing the application for any bugs, adjusting the layout or back-end work. It is also necessary to take care of the helpdesk, i.e. a team of specialists who will be able to restore the application’s efficiency after a possible failure. In this regard, 4b Systems will be an indispensable business partner. We understand very well that in the process of application development, it is important not only to meet the needs on an ad hoc basis, but also to provide comprehensive after-sales service. In addition to creating a mobile application, we offer the support of a team of specialists who will help you in no time. Contact us and let’s talk about your needs – take advantage of a free and no-obligation order quote.

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