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How to use ChatGPT in your business?

Less than five days – that’s how long it took ChatGPT to be used by more than one million users. This is a sensational result – Facebook took as long as 10 months to reach its first million. This result is supported by the functionality and innovation of the tool, which is already seen as a milestone. What exactly is ChatGPT, what applications does it find, and how can you use ChatGPT in your business?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a tool that, through machine learning, is able to create text similar to what a human would write. This artificial intelligence system was created by a company called Open AI and has been an instant hit around the world. The chatbot is able to understand the question asked by the user, then generate an answer. The statement itself can be contained in a few concise sentences, as well as be several thousand characters long. How is this possible? The secret is an elaborate process of analyzing the vast amount of data that is already available on the Internet. If we ask ChatGPT for a recipe for potato pancakes, it will search a number of cooking guides and blogs to then generate an answer that satisfies us. The tool turned out to be so good that it found itself censored at Google, a fact admitted by the director of the marketing department himself – Sridhar Ramaswamy. The search engine pays attention to whether the added SEO texts may have been created using AI.

What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT is currently used primarily in marketing, and more specifically, in the automation of sales processes. ChatGPT perfectly simulates a conversation with a person, especially when a “human” interlocutor asks questions or expects some clarification. It’s also a help for IT developers – to some extent ChatGPT is able to prepare lines of code and even write simple programs. The tool became famous outside the IT industry for using its functionality to create school essays. There have been claims that the originality of theses may also be at risk, as ChatGPT is able to fool most currently available anti-plagiarism software. Fortunately, Open AI has announced the creation of a system that will signal whether a job has been created in ChatGPT. There is also a risk that ChatGPT will be used by fraudsters to create convincing phishing messages in any language. Fortunately, the benefits and added value from this tool are far more numerous than the potential downsides.

How to use ChatGPT in a company?

We mentioned that ChatGPT is used in various marketing activities that help automate sales processes. Integrating this tool with a CRM system allows you to automatically generate message content and respond to inquiries from a variety of channels. Thus, artificial intelligence can respond to emails or conduct a conversation replacing a live advisor. Since ChatGPT operates in a variety of languages, the prepared content can be generated not only in our mother tongue, but also in foreign languages. This solves the problem of dealing with customers who don’t speak the language we know. If you run a software house, ChatGPT can be a kind of support for writing programs. Of course, you can’t have him prepare the application himself, because – like any machine – the text written by ChatGPT can be unreliable. Therefore, we should treat this tool in the category of support, not our virtual minion.

ChatGPT integration in CRM system

In order for ChatGPT to work well in a company and be used for customer contact, it is necessary to integrate it beforehand. The flexibility of this tool means that it can be configured with any solution based on the available API. So it can be the basis for a mailing campaign, an inquiry handling system, or even a negotiation assistant or an automated form of FAQ. Our software house is able to make a full integration of ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence with the tools already used in your company. We perform activities from A to Z – the end result of our work is a ready-to-use, fully responsive functionality that seamlessly communicates with the customer. What’s more, the system reproduces the human way of writing so well that your interlocutors won’t be able to distinguish between messages generated by ChatGPT and texts written by employees. It’s also a way to eliminate typing mistakes, spelling errors, punctuation or stylistic errors that could undermine your image.

ChatGPT restrictions

Although ChatGPT is a sensational tool, it cannot be said to be perfect. There are some limitations that make ChatGPT no substitute for human-written text. The first is the “positivity” of the written content, or more precisely, the lack of negative information. If we ask ChatGPT for information about McDonald’s, the tool will not mention to us that fast food has bad effects on health. Another related issue is the information restriction – ChatGPT will not respond to inquiries containing vulgarities or harmful content. So you can forget about using ChatGPT to write an article on medieval torture methods. Another form of information limitation is the obsolescence of data that appeared after 2021. This can be a problem for dynamic, fast-growing industries. After all, the limitation of ChatGPT is its “machine-ness,” which means a lack of abstract thinking – creative texts will never be original, it will always be a conglomeration of already available information. Despite these limitations, ChatGPT can be successfully used in the daily operation of a company.

And here are some answers from ChatGPT itself on how it can help your business….

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