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Integration of 4B Systems products with Autenti platform

Modern technology allows companies to offer their services not only to the local market but also to the whole country and even the world. Issues of bid submission, contact and contract execution can be handled by phone, email and online. So why waste valuable time (and money) sending paper contracts, waiting for signatures and sending documents back? Even under favorable circumstances, such a process takes a minimum of 3 days. In contrast, meeting a contractor from the other end of the country is a big hassle. Current technologies allow two parties to sign a legally valid contract in minutes.

What is the Autenti platform?

Autenti is a platform that gives you the opportunity to sign an online contract or any other document in a few minutes from the position of your phone, tablet or computer. It is very important that such an electronic signature is legally binding. So you don’t have to worry that a contract signed this way will be less valid than one signed on paper as standard.

The biggest pluses of using the Autenti platform:

  • Significant time savings – the contract can be signed by both parties to the contract in a few minutes. There is no need to wait several days to receive the paper version.
  • Reducing costs – paper-based contracting is quite a cost per month. Among other things, you need to take into account the cost of the paper itself, printing, envelope and registered mail.
  • Easier record-keeping of documentation – no need to print a contract or keep it in a binder. Once signed, it can be downloaded to your computer and added to the appropriate drive or folder. On the plus side, the document is easy and quick to access.
  • No need for in-person meetings with contractors and the associated security – in-person meetings to sign a contract have their advantages, of course, but they can sometimes be cumbersome if there is a long distance between those involved. Currently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, meeting in person and passing documents through many hands can pose a risk of infection, so electronic signatures are safe in this regard as well.
  • Environmental protection – for a long time we have all been fighting to reduce the amount of paper we use. Offices and businesses are trying to get as much business done online as possible. The less paper we use the better for the environment.

Integration of SolarCRM and LegallyCRM with Autenti

As 4B Systems sp. z o.o. we develop browser-based software for companies in various industries. Together with our clients and contractors, we saw the need for electronic signatures both because of the pandemic situation but also to work more efficiently and increase the effectiveness of operations in a highly competitive market.

At the moment, integration with Autenti is possible in two 4B Systems products:

  • SolarCRM – a web-based solution for the photovoltaic and installation industry to manage customer and merchant relationships.
  • LegallyCRM – a system for compensation and law firms, fulfilling most of the needs of managing the customer service process.

The situation with the coronavirus pandemic has made many companies aware of the need for changes in the process of signing contracts with customers. Electronic signatures offer many advantages, such as saving time, money, easier management of documentation workflows and the possibility of eliminating face-to-face contact. As a result, electronic signatures are now becoming a standard that we also want to aspire to.

Our systems themselves do not provide the ability to create an electronic signature – this service is provided by third-party service providers such as the very Autenti we have chosen to integrate with. Licensees of our systems have the opportunity to start cooperation with Autenti and purchase a package of services suitable for them (in very attractive price packages). Integration of the service with our CRM systems is, of course, done by us as part of the system price.

Pros of integrating CRM systems with Autenti

The implementation of electronic signatures in our and systems, among other things, due to the time saved, increases the chances of companies to reach more customers with their offers and conclude contracts with them. It also increases the efficiency of contracting. In terms of managing the company, such a solution is also advantageous, because it gives the ability to quickly report on the results of work.

Autenti is also a secure solution – the platform’s operations are compliant with RODO. When the contract is signed, identity verification takes place, so the company is assured that the contract was signed by the right person authorized to do so.

A very important aspect is also the possibility for more people to sign a contract or other document on the Autenti platform. This is important for companies where all board members must sign the document. You can also set the order of people who should sign the contract – so you can plan the circulation of documentation within the company.

Through the Autenti platform it is possible to write off various types of documents (agreements, contracts, orders, estimates, rental agreements, invoices, order contracts requests, etc.), so such an electronic signature is useful for any industry where a minimum of several times a month documents need to be signed.

Licensees of our CRM systems can count on our advice on choosing a package of cooperation with Autenti. Our developers integrate the electronic signature platform with the CRM system. Once implemented, of course, we teach the use of this solution. We are also on hand to answer any questions.

Impressions of 4B Systems sp. z o.o. after starting cooperation with Autenti

We can also confirm the effectiveness of the contracts Autenti signs from our own experience. Through the Autenti platform, we sign agreements with SolarCRM, LegallyCRM and Foodeliver system licensees, among others. We noted that:

  • We save a lot of time – it takes a few moments to complete the contract and send it to contractors. We do not have to prepare documents for shipment and wait for their return receipt. Immediately after the client’s signature, we can start our work, that is, implementing the system.
  • We already have a lot of savings – monthly invoices from the Polish Post Office for shipments are much smaller. An additional saving is the reduced consumption of paper, printer ink and envelopes.
  • We now have greater efficiency of signed contracts – by sending the contract through the Autenti platform, we are sure that the documents have reached the right person. In addition, our customers can access the contract at any time from any device, so there are no difficulties in signing the contract.
  • Our clients greatly appreciate the modern approach to signing contracts and praise the simplicity of this solution.

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