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What is copywriting?

Even the best-designed website will not attract customers to you if its content is not attractive. We are not only talking about aesthetic design or intuitive navigation, but about the content itself, i.e. text tailored to the audience. Coming up with creative and unique product descriptions, blog posts or website content can be a time-consuming and engaging challenge. Our copywriting specialists will successfully prepare attractive and engaging texts for you.

What is copywriting?

Originally, copywriting was defined as that part of creative tasks that involved the creation of the written word. The copywriter in the marketing process was responsible for creating slogans, slogans, advertising scripts and even created company and product names. Nowadays, however, the catalog of duties of a copywriter has modified and largely consists of creating texts published on the Internet. The scope of the texts and their form is closely related to the destination of the publication. From product descriptions for an e-commerce site to blog articles and columns to texts appearing on a website – all these texts can be done for us by a copywriter. What is important is not only the tailored form, but also the craftsmanship of the texts. By this we mean not only the absence of stylistic, spelling or punctuation errors, but also a form of content that is interesting to read and engaging.

How will copywriting help?

A professional copywriter will create such a text that will perfectly represent you online and help you achieve your goals. This statement is quite vague, because the very goals you can define are indeed many. You’ll expect your service and product descriptions to increase website traffic, persuasion, which will translate into a more effective closing of the sales process. With blog texts and web content you can create your image on the web, especially emphasizing your professionalism and comprehensive view of the subject. Some copywriters – such as ours – can also perform translations of the content created into English, so you will immediately receive texts ready for publication in PL and EN versions. Proficiency in webwriting will also help with the positioning of your website.

Why use a copywriting service?

The advantages associated with copywriting are really quite a lot, so we will only list the most important ones. Each client using the services of a copywriter can indicate its list of benefits, among which will be:

  • Preparation of engaging content – a copywriter is a professional who knows how to put thoughts on paper in such a way that it will make the recipient of the text interested;
  • SEO complementarity – webwriting and SEO texts are one of the elements of raising a website in online search results;
  • Support in marketing activities – copywriting texts are a tool for active marketing, which helps maximize effectiveness;
  • Image creation – with the help of web texts you can effectively create the desired image of your brand and coherently communicate with the customer;
  • Implementation of marketing activities – sales texts will be a substitute for a customer advisor who will use persuasion and create customer needs;
  • Competitive advantage – using professional copywriting you will be ranked higher than sites that do not care about the text layer;
  • Possibility of organic positioning – valuable webwriting increases the visibility of your website at a lower cost than Google campaigns;
  • Relief from tedious duty – creating texts for a website can not be skipped, it is better to opt for outsourcing time-consuming work.

What will we prepare for you as part of copywriting?

By working with experienced copywriters, we are able to prepare a wide range of texts for you. The basic scope of our services includes:

  • Texts for the website;
  • Content for company blogs;
  • Product and service descriptions;
  • Catalog and booklet texts;
  • Marketing content (e.g., email newsletters);
  • Articles and industry columns;
  • Sponsored Texts;
  • Content for social media publishing.

However, that’s not all we can prepare for you! We are able to complete niche assignments such as advertising scripts, public speech texts or announcements. We produce texts in Polish and, upon request, in English, German and Ukrainian. If we have not listed in our offer the type of text you are looking for – write to us, we will determine our possibilities. Remember that you will receive a quote for your order within a few hours at the latest, completely free of charge!

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