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Why work with software houses?

More and more customers are aware of what a software house does. These are specialized companies that develop custom software or offer proprietary tools. The scope of service is really wide – from developing an intranet to creating dedicated applications to providing specialized CRMs. It’s also worth being aware of why you should work with software houses.

Reason 1: Wide range of services

Software houses have a variety of profiles and scopes, from holistic to highly specialized. You can easily find a company that will prepare a mobile application for you. You can easily outsource the creation of an integrated food ordering system with dedicated functionality. You will also find specialists to prepare internal workflow security networks. The truth is that the software house will fully move your enterprise into the digital, dematerialized space.

Reason 2: Dedicated solutions

Software houses operate with the utmost precision – they fully adapt to the client’s expectations. At the first meeting we pay attention to the needs of our contractors and jointly determine the budget. On this basis, it is possible to create “tailor-made” programs, that is, programs in which the functionality fully meets expectations, without unnecessary additions. It is also possible to personalize an already finished application to add the desired solutions and successfully complete the project.

Reason 3: Clear path of cooperation

Software house companies are much more trusted than freelance programmers. This is influenced by many factors – recognition, portfolio or larger project team. However, the most significant advantage of software houses is the jana, predetermined path of cooperation. Timeliness and comprehensive service and makes us predictable in performance – we do not abandon clients in the middle of a project. Each contractor knows exactly where his money is going and why there are such and not other costs.

Reason 4: “commission and forget” cooperation

Of course, this is not about a customer who forgets that he or she has undertaken cooperation with us. With this slogan, we convey two important messages. First – you do not need to know technical issues and worry about nuances. You don’t have to worry about whether MySQL or PostgreSQL databases are a better choice in your case. You don’t even need to know what these names mean – leave it to us! Second – you don’t have to be constantly on the phone and supervise our activities every now and then. We do exactly what we agreed to in the brief and what we wrote down in the contract. We carry out the order, and you continue to develop your business!

Reason 5: Reduce your own costs

It’s no secret that salaries in the IT industry are really high. A trainee or an inexperienced employee can expect to earn a salary of around 8,000 net. A typical intra-organizational employee receives between 13,000 and 20,000 net. This means that the creation of a three-person IT team can cost an employer from 35 to as much as 70 thousand per month! Oustouring projects and maintaining the functionality reduces costs, plus you can include it in your expenses and deduct VAT.

Reason 6: Availability of ready-made designs

The work of software houses is not just about completing outsourced tasks. Many companies – including us – offer proprietary designs that can be successfully used as a SaaS service. This eliminates the briefing process, reduces waiting times of several weeks to a few minutes, and lowers the costs associated with the service. All the solutions we offer are available with a free trial for 7 days. This gives the entrepreneur the knowledge of whether the finished project meets his expectations.

4bsystems is a Polish software house that has been providing IT solutions for nearly a decade. We have a number of proprietary SaaS programs dedicated to the FMCG, retail and legal industries. We are also open for cooperation – contact us and get a free quote for your project.

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