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In-house IT team or software house? What will be better?

Any company focused on innovation will certainly want to take advantage of technological advances in the field of information technology. Saving time, increasing work efficiency or reducing costs are just some of the benefits of implementing IT tools. But is it necessary to hire programmers and create an IT cell for such changes? When is it a much better option to partner with a software house?

What is a software house? 

Software house is a term referring to a software development company. This is a very general definition, which includes a number of smaller or larger, more or less specialized entities. However, it would be wrong to say that a software house is just a team of IT specialists writing more lines of code. It is also a team of analysts who analyze the needs of the client, the business processes taking place and the structure of the organization. On this basis, optimal solutions tailored to the subject are selected. Once a program has been prepared for a client, the software house can also take on tasks related to the maintenance and even development of a particular system. The vast majority of software houses prepare solutions dedicated to their clients, but also develop in-house software. Examples of such tools at 4B Systems include Foodeliver, an online ordering system for food service, or even SalesWizard, a universal CRM system.

When is it worth choosing a software house?

Software house is an excellent choice for the vast majority of tasks related to the IT industry. The right entity is able to prepare exactly the solution the customer wants. This applies not only to projects used internally, but also to programs based on user interaction, such as loyalty point accumulation applications. Software house will prove to be a particularly good choice when a small number of IT tools need to be developed. The cost of cooperation and implementation of the project will be initially higher, but the return on investment will come after just a few months. This is because cooperation related to maintenance and development of tools is clearly cheaper than hiring IT specialists. The fact that the software house provides services is also a significant plus, which is more advantageous from an accounting perspective – the ability to deduct VAT and reduce income tax.

Own your own IT team – when?

Despite so many advantages of working with software houses, many companies still choose to set up their own IT division. It is particularly popular with large companies, corporate entities and international players. Among the most frequently cited advantages of such an arrangement is that the company has more confidence in its own employees than in an outside firm. This is especially true in sensitive industries, where the risk of leaking critical data is significant. Another benefit is also the availability of employees on site, without having to contact another entity. The in-house IT team is in continuous work mode – if no new solution is needed at the time, the currently deployed tools are improved. The establishment of an IT unit turns out to be necessary in the situation when… we want to create a software house ourselves. It is therefore logical that in a software house it is necessary to have a team of experts in programming, testing and implementing solutions.

Summary – the advantage of software houses over an in-house IT team

At first glance, it is clear that software houses have many more advantages than an in-house IT team. While the latter still has a strong position, the rising cost of employee retention makes outsourcing the work seem a more sensible choice. Many companies de facto do not need more and more new solutions, and the work of the enterprise is limited to the use of a few, maximum a dozen IT tools. Entrusting such orders to a software house acts like an investment – very quickly you will find that the tools holistically improve the work of the company. The initial high cost of creating the tools is offset by the almost symbolic maintenance fees compared to the honorarium that would have to be paid to hired IT specialists. You don’t always have to decide to create dedicated solutions – you can use publicly available tools. This significantly reduces the costs associated with implementing an IT solution, while offering a full suite of benefits and comprehensive technical support. Choosing companies like 4B Systems is not only financially viable, but also convenient and allows for much greater flexibility.

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